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IZombie Season 6 Release Date, Story, and Cast

Comedy, Horror, and Police procedural are the genres that are always exciting to watch but have you ever thought about what will come up if all of them are clubbed together into one series? Well, we have a series that has all these elements in it and it is none other than iZombie.

iZombie is a supernatural series loosely based on and adapted from the comic book iZombie by Chris Roberson and Mile Alfred. The series has been created by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright and was first premiered in 2015 the latest season was released in 2019. The series received quite a good response and accolades for the storyline and the actors’ performance.

The reason we have brought this article is that the huge fanbase of the show has been curious to know whether a new season is coming or not and if it is coming then when is it releasing? Therefore if you want to find out all the details related to the series, then start reading now.

IZombie Season 6 Release Date

Izombie season 6

For all the fans of the series iZombie who have been patiently waiting for the information and news on the new season of the series, we have got something for you. Well, we have a piece of sad news, the series will not bring a new season now or in the future because the makers declared clearly that season 5 is the final season of the series. They have even rounded off the entire series in season 5 without leaving any cliffhanger which might have left some hope for a new season. The series was clearly ended and the final season is season 5. We can completely understand that you have been hoping for a new season but the makers have already declared that the series has ended.

Name of the ShowIZombie
Season NumberSeason 6
GenreDrama, Crime, Horror
IZombie Season 1 Release Date17 March 2015
IZombie Season 6 Release DateCancelled
IZombie Season 6 Overview

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IZombie Season 6 Story

Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright created a drama series story that revolves around a medical student named Liv Moore who turns into a zombie due to an accident at a party. Her transformation brings a lot of changes in her life, where she breaks up with her fiancé, and also leaves her career which also confuses her family. She is a medical examiner in Seattle Police and helps in murder cases. But what she craves, is a brain that in turn helps her to inherit the memories of the victims of the murders which helps in solving the cases.

The only problem is that if she does not get a brain to feed then she turns into a wild zombie. One of the doctors named Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti comes to know about the truth that she feeds on the brains of the victims at the morgue and helps in solving cases. She also takes some of the personality of the victim temporarily after eating their brain. The feeding on the brain helps her to say like a human. All this feeding in turn helps in solving new cases introduced in the series.

Since you have already come to know that there will be no season 6 for the series, therefore we cannot really give anything about season 6. But then you can watch the series and its previous seasons which are extremely interesting and introduces new cases.

IZombie Season 6 Cast

IZombie Season 6 Release Date

The crime and horror comedy-drama includes a long list of talent-packed and loved actors who have been successfully carrying on the series and maintaining the popularity of the show. The main cast includes Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley, David Anders, Aly Michalka, Robert Knepper, and Bryce Hodgson.

Other actors in the recurring cast include Molly Hagan, Nick Purcha, Aliza Vellani, Aleks Paunovic, Bradley James, Hiro Kanagawa, Steven Weber, Leanne Lapp, Matthew MacCaull, Daran Norris, and, Carrie Anne Fleming.

It also includes Marci T. House, Sarah Jane Redmond, Elise Gatien, Dakota Daulby, Ryan Beil, Darryl Quon, Tanja Dixon Warren, Jessica Harmon, Eddie Jemison, and Greg Finley and, Tim Chiou.

Other actors on the list are Qunita Brunson, Andrew Kavadas, Valerie Tian, Bill Wise, Gage Golightly, Jennifer Irwin, Samuel Patrick Chu, Nemo Catwright, Izabel Vidovic, Melissa O’Neil, Francis Capra, Emy Aneke, and many more.

All the actors have played a very important part in the series to move the story further and to make it interesting for the viewers apart from the storyline and other factors.

IZombie Season 6 Trailer

As we have already given you the news that season 5 was the final season and no more season will be released as it was officially declared that season 5 will be the concluding season of the series. Thus, there is no trailer for season 6. But if you would like to see the series then you can watch the trailers of the previous seasons.

Where To Watch IZombie Season 6 Online?

If you like anything related to zombies, crime, and horror and this series excites you then you must be thinking that where exactly you can get access to the series. Let me tell you the platforms where you can watch the series. The series is available on CW, Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, and, TVNZ+. The series in total consists of 71 episodes with a running time of 42 minutes. Since now you know all the probable OTT platforms where you can stream the series, then choose your preferred one and start watching now.

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