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Will There Ever Be Kiss Him Not Me Season 2 Release date

Kiss him not me has been a fantastic show for anime lovers. A decent storyline with fun factors involved makes the animal much more interesting. If you watch anime with a light heart and want some fun the show can be the perfect Getaway for you. The Anime is produced by Brain’s Base Studio who has a history of making comedy anime. The Manga of the Anime has been produced a long time back and he still in progress.

If you have read the Manga thoroughly you will possibly relate to every character that is shown and there anyway. As the studio has perfectly e distilled down each and every character’s behavior in a proper manner. If you have just watched the show and you are eager to know if there will kiss him not me season 2 or not worry not we have got your back and will tell each and every detail that we have grabbed. So without wasting much time less jump straight into the river details of kissing him not me season 2.

Kiss Him Not Me Season 2 Renewal Updates

The first season of Kiss Him Not Me was premiered on the 7th of October 2016. It ran for a total of 12 episodes and finally concluded on the 23rd of December in the same year. The anime has an average rating on most Anime platforms. The show has received a score of 7.06 on myanimelist. It also has more than 3.3 K members on its MAL group. The show has become quite popular after its first season was released.

Kiss Him Not Me Season 2

The release of Anime is based on two factors. The first is the fan base of the show and the second one is the source material. If we talk about the source material Kiss Him Not I am adapted from a manga series of the same name. The Manga series has a total of 15 volumes. The first season of the Anime has covered only 8 volumes. This means that the original creators have enough source material to bring back season 2.

If we talk about the show’s fan base, the show has gained rich popularity since it was released. The show is very simple and it will remind you of your childhood memories. So the anime gets a green flag from both factors. Therefore Kiss Him Not Me season 2 is highly likely.

Kiss Him Not Me Season 2 Release Date

It’s been more than 5 years since we haven’t heard anything about Kiss Him Not Me Season 2 from the original creators. No official announcement has been made regarding the second installment of the anime. This doesn’t mean that there will never be a second season of the Anime. Though the chances for the second season to release are very high, the Anime couldn’t gain very rich popularity. That could be the reason we haven’t heard about season 2 for a very long time.

If in the future the Anime gets renewed we could predict a release date. If the anime is renewed at the end of 2021 Kiss Him Not Me season 2 might drop somewhere in between the mid of 2022 or the end of 2022. These are just predictions no official announcement has been informed yet.

Kiss Him Not Me Season 2

Kiss Him Not Me English Dub

The show was originally released in Japanese. But thanks to brilliant voice-over actors we now have an English dub of Kiss Him Not Me. You can watch the English dub of the anime on the streaming platform Funimation. In addition to it, you can also watch it in Japanese with English subtitles on the same platform.

Kiss Him Not Me Season 1 Recap

The story revolves around an overweight girl named Kae Serinuma. As she has gained a lot of weight she doesn’t get much attention from her peers. She is addicted to animes and loves boys. She just fantasizes about having a romantic relationship with the boys in her class whenever she is in school. And as good as this imagination sounds, these are a real bummer for her. She could get so much involved in her dreams that she doesn’t notice people around her and does not Interact with anyone. She sits silently and dreams, and does not interact with her peers.

Events in the show took a turn when she was watching her favorite television show. Her most favorite character dies in the show. This created a traumatic experience for her and she got depressed. As a result, she locked herself in a room. She didn’t interact with anyone. She just kept laying on her bed. She also gave up food. She just slept and did nothing. She was too depressed to do other things. But one day her brother angrily opened the door and told her to move on with her life.

A miracle happens then!!! When she came out of the room she is a beautiful-looking girl. It was like someone sprinkled beauty magic on her. She looked marvelous.

Kiss Him Not Me Season 2

As she is attractive now all the boys in school are giving her all the attention. But she is not used to it. That’s why she just sat back and let all the other girls have those guys. further some boys fell madly in love with her and now she has to maintain a balance between all the happenings. She has to maintain her imagination plus she has to maintain all the attention she is getting.

Kiss Him Not Me Season 2 Story

No official announcement regarding the updates on the storyline for season two has been announced yet. But there are chances that the second season will cover the left seven volumes from the Manga series. I am not going to give you the spoilers for the Manga series here as many of you haven’t watched the Anime or read the Manga.

But there are great chances that the show would pick up from where it left. The main character of the show, Kae Serinuma would still Be in a struggle to maintain a balance between the attention she is getting and her wild dreams. In addition to that, some comedy might also come for us in season 2.

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