Las Vegas Season 6 Release Date Possibilities Explained!

Las Vegas Season 6 is an American comedy-drama that was broadcasted by NBC and was created by Gary Scott Thompson. As of now, the series has 5 seasons and 106 episodes in total. The pilot was produced for $5 million, thus making it the most expensive pilot in NBC history. However, the filming of the series was done in Culver Studios in California using a set to portray Montecito but still, some part of the filming took place in actual Las Vegas.

Las-Vegas Season 6 Release Date

The series was originally released on 22nd September 2003. Unfortunately, the series wasn’t picked up for the 6th season and was left with only 5 seasons. The creator left the series with a serious cliffhanger leaving fans with very little closure.

Las- Vegas Season 6 Story

The plot is based in Montecito, a fictional hotel-casino located on the Las Vegas Strip. The series follows the life of Danny McCoy, a worker in Montecito, and his boss Ed Deline along with other workers there. Danny is a former U.S. marine. Initially, he was Ed’s apprentice and a good friend and later got promoted as the head of the security in Montecito.

Throughout the series, the viewer gets to see different aspects of Danny’s life from the professional side to personal. He even reveals certain aspects of his time when he was in the marine serving his country and how he survived and all. The series navigates through his day-to-day life and certain major incidents such as his father’s death and how it impacted him, of him selling his father’s house to get a condo, his relationship with Delinda, Ed’s daughter, and Mary, his childhood friend.

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The issues he faced while being in a relationship and how he faces the consequences of his own actions. Ed is like a father figure for Danny and many other workers with a fair bit of a dark past. He is a former CIA operative, he used to be the head of the security initially in Montecito but later he became the president of operations in Montecito.

He is a caring father and husband but quite stern when it comes to his resolve even resorting to violence when necessary. A lot of events happen in Montecito some drastic, some not as much which includes even changing of ownership of Montecito. In the season 2 finale, the hotel even gets demolished. In the next season, a new Montecito gets opened under the ownership of one named Monica Mancuso.

At the end of the 4th season, Ed and Mary go in hiding after killing her father who sexually abused her as a child. Later, a former marine now billionaire A.J. Cooper gets the ownership of the resort. And Danny becomes the new president of operations. Danny moves with Delinda who is pregnant with their first child.

Las- Vegas Season 6 Cast Details

Danny McCoy- The role of Dany McCoy is played by Josh Duhamel, an American actor famous for his roles in movies such as Life as We Know It, Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, Transformers: The Last Knight, etc.

Ed Deline-The role is played by James Caan. His notable movies are The Godfather Part 2, That’s My Boy, El Dorado, etc.

Mary- Nikki Cox plays the role of Mary. She is popular for her roles in series like Unhappily Ever After, Norm Show, etc.

Delinda- Molly Simmons play the role of Delinda in the series.

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