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Lost Ollie Season 2 Release Date: Is It Renewed? 

This year has been a very confusing year for all of us, right? I am sure you must be getting very confused after hearing the statement that is mentioned above, right? Well, this year we got to see many amazing animated television series and movies whether it is in Japanese or English, anime series and movies did not let our 2022 get sink just like that. Many anime series got released this year and many anime movies were also released this year. 

So we can say that anime series and movies saved our 2022. We are now entering 2023 but there is one animated series that is making it hard for us to move to 2023 without thinking about it. Can you guess the name of the anime series? Well, obviously you can easily guess it. 

Lost Ollie is just a cute animated series and the show is just as cute as the title of the show. This miniseries has so much good content that your stomach will be full of its cute and heart-wrenching storyline. 

Lost Ollie Season 2 Release Date 

Lost Ollie Season 2 Release Date 

After the ending of the 1st season of Lost Ollie fans is waiting for the second season. Well, we can not say that the second season will be released now because there is no official statement about the second season. So it is hard to say anything about the 2nd season. 

Name of the Show/MovieLost Ollie
Season/ Part/ Episode NumberSeason 2
GenreAdventure, Drama
Season 1 Release Date24 August 2022
Season 2 Release DateNot announced

Lost Ollie Season 2 Story

The series is not yet renewed for another season so we can not predict the storyline for the second season. We can say that the second season will also focus on Ollie. 

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Lost Ollie Season 2 Characters 

Lost Ollie Season 2 Release Date 

The characters and voice actors of the 1st season include Jonathan Groff voicing Ollie, Jake Johnson voiced as Daddy, Tim Blake Nelson voicing Zozo, Gina Rodriguez voiced as Momma, Kelser Talbot voices Billy, Jake Jackson voiced Daddy, William voicing voiced Young Billy, BJ Harrison voicing alossie, Everett Andres voiced Mike Apple, Zoë Noelle Baker voiced Jolene, Isabel Birch voiced Suzy, and James Pizzinato voiced Suzy’s dad/Older Billy. The cast for the 2nd season is still not confirmed. 

Lost Ollie Season 1 Recap 

In the first episode – Ollie is lost 

In the first episode, we see Ollie,  a patched-up bunny toy being tucked inside a junk old box in a thrift store. He woke up and saw himself trapped in the box. He planned to show a daring escape to find his owner or the boy who owned him and lost him, Billy. Ollie can only talk with others and children of his age. He met Zozo there. 

Second episode – The Quest 

In the second episode see Ollie and his friends Zozo and Rosy floating in a boat across the Dark River. They are finding the next spot on Ollie’s map to go. Ollie remembers something vital about Momma and Ollie not only recalls Momma but also gets more flashbacks. We see some flashbacks. 

Third episode – Bali Hai 

In the third episode, we see the three of them trying very hard to find and heartbreaking flashbacks come and reveal how Zozo and Nina met and how Zozo lost her. For the hope a happy memory sparks. Jojo tied up Ollie and torture him for some answers. 

Fourth episode – Home 

In the fourth episode, we see Ollie remember his last day with Billy. He had flashbacks and remembered everything. Billy brought Ollie and introduced him as his best friend. It was known that Billy had lost his mother. Billy was used to being bullied by the other children but Ollie has his support with him. While seeing the teachers Billy threw Ollie and didn’t come afterward to pick them up as he remembered his bully and his father saying to stop acting like a baby. Remembering this Ollie’s heart breaks. In the end, Ollie met Billy, and Billy kept his promise of never forgetting about him. 

Lost Ollie Season 2 Trailer 

There is no official trailer for the 2nd season, you can watch the trailer for the first season on YouTube. 

Where to watch Lost Ollie Season 2?

The first season of Lost Ollie is available on Netflix but the second season is not yet out. 


It has 7.8 ratings out of 10 on IMDb.

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FAQs- Lost Ollie Season 2 Release Date 

When was Lost Ollie season 1 released?

The first season was released on 24 August 2022.

How many seasons does Lost Ollie have? 

This animated series has only 1 season.

Is it confirmed that there will be a second season of Lost Ollie?

No, it has not been confirmed that there will be another season of Lost Ollie. 

Who is the main character of Lost Ollie?

Ollie is the main protagonist of Lost Ollie.

How many episodes are there?

There are only 4 episodes of the first season.

Where to watch the first season?

You can watch the first season on Netflix. 

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