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Real Rob Season 3 Release Date Updates

Hi and welcome again to yet another update. I hope you are watching more movies and web series with each passing time and enjoying them as well! Thinking about you folks, we are here with you again with a new update. 

Real Rob is an American sitcom that debuted in 2015. And the second season again aired in 2017. After that, there is a pause. The pause might make you wonder about its new season and its release date. Then I will say, why worry when we are here!

With a rating of 6.4 from IMDb and 80% Audience vote, do watch the show with 2 seasons and 16 episodes running for 30 mins each.

Now let’s focus on the upcoming new season. And when you can expect its release. 

Real Rob Season 3 Release Status

As I mentioned a few mins back that there was a pause and we all can see after the release of the second season. Netflix was silent about its renewal status after 2017. Rob was seen mentioning multiple times late on that a new season can be expected.

Later he tweeted of its comeback making the audience cheer out of excitement. In late 2021, he announced that the new season is here and will be released for the fans. 

Although there was a huge mum from the makers after Rob’s announcement rest assured the season will return in all probability. 

The release is official but not the date so wait for us to get back with the update as soon as we get to hear about the status from them. 

Season 3 Release Date

Real Rob Season 3 Release Date
Real Rob

I am sharing with you some good news so if you are upset, cheer up folks! The new season as expected will be released in the year 2023.

No this is not an official news from Netflix so for us to be assured of its release year we will have to wait for the official announcement which we are hoping will be shrewd by the platform soon.  

Since we heard about its comeback we assumed the release date, so let’s wait for the news to be official. Meanwhile, watch or rewatch the show if you loved it as you wait for the arrival of the upcoming season. 

SeasonsRelease Dates
Real Rob Season 1 Release Date1 December 2015
Real Rob Season 2 Release Date29 September 2017
Real Rob Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Real Rob Season 3 Release Date

Real Rob Season 3 Expected Story

The story of the cast has not been shared or leaked by the team so, like you, our sources to are waiting for it. 

If you haven’t watched the show please go and watch it. We believe that the story will take over from where it left on a cliffhanger and the previous cast members will too return in the new season, is our haunch. 

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Go and enjoy the sitcom as I give a quick recap and share some about the show. 

Real Rob Season 2 Recap

Real Rob Season 3 Release Date
Real Rob

This season has 8 plus episodes in total. 

The scene of the first episode opens with Jamie getting hurt as he injures himself while helping Rob with his shifting. While on the other hand, Patrica makes more money than Rob. 

The show is full of fun and laughter. The duo is later seen enrolling Miranda in a pre-school.

With this, I will wrap up the recap cause I don’t want to give away the spoilers and make you upset. So, instead, just stream the show.

Real Rob Season 1 Story

Based on the life of a real person the show is based on a real incident. It features Rob Schneider who is a comedian. 

So the show highlights his life and those around him as he lives in Hollywood. 

Real Rob Season 3 Cast

Real Rob Season 3 Release Date
Real Rob

The sitcom stars; Rob Schneider, Jamie Lissow, Patricia Schneider, and Miranda Scarlett Schneider. They themselves are in the show.

Other actors whom you will see are; Max Amini, Andrei Aldochine, Adam Korson, and others.

Where To Watch Real Rob Season 3?

This is an original comedy sitcom on Netflix so you will have the show available there. Go and Watch! 

Real Rob Season 3 Trailer

I have attached the trailer to the first season above. The following season trailer is on Netflix and YouTube. The upcoming season trailer or clip has not been released. We will share the trailer and update you as soon as our sources collect the data after the news is made official by the team. 

So here you are with the update for now. Stay tuned in the meanwhile keep visiting us for news and more.

Happy Watch! 

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