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Scissor Seven Season 4 Release Date Is Not Announced Yet!

An interesting plot set up with proper progression, Scissor Seven is a series that can stand out. The series has shown the proper use of a dark theme for using it in an amusing way is very well executed by the series. With simple yet impactful twists and turns, the story doesn’t get even remotely sluggish and it maintains a tight flow throughout its course as a result, it successfully keeps the viewers glued to their seats. Properly drawn character design and seamless animation are vital in creating this show’s ambiance. As of yet, the series has three seasons with 30 episodes. The series is available on Netflix.

Scissor Seven Season 4 Release Date

The series has no official announcements yet, and we won’t be seeing Scissor Seven Season 4 anytime soon. It is speculated that the show will make a return by late 2022.

Name of the ShowScissor Seven
Season NumberSeason 4
GenreComedy, Slice-Of-Life
Scissor Seven Season 1 Release Date25 April 2018
Scissor Seven Season 4 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Scissor Seven Season 4 Overview

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Scissor Seven Season 1 Story

Scissor Seven Season 4 Release Date
Scissor Seven

A hilarious plot that tells a bizarrely entertaining story, Scissor Seven is one a kind of roller coaster ride. We get to follow the life of Liuqi Wu. Liquid Wu by day, lives an ordinary life, his profession is that of a usual hairdresser, but there is a twist in there. The morning job is only a method of him blending in the society without standing out much but it’s during the nighttime when his actual profession comes out in the light. By night Liuqi Wu is an assassin but there is again another catch. Liquid Wu has a striking glare to him, a type which can easily turn someone’s blood cold within a second, also his special ability, which allows him to change his form on command and allowing him to transform into anything he wants, he happens to have the threatening deadly ability of telekinetic scissors.

All these characteristics can easily persuade someone into believing that Liuqi Wu is one heck of an assassin and his ability just makes him more lethal and threatening. One can easily think that Liuqi Wu just easily executes his job, allowing him to gain a high reputation in the world of assassins. However, the truth cannot be farther from the truth. The situation, in reality, is something one can never expect given the conditions but still, it’s almost the total opposite of what one should expect. In reality, Liquid Wu is a horrible assassin and is probably one of the worst person out there in his field of profession.

He has a kind personality, and his humble demeanor simply makes him not cut out for this kind of field of work. Not only his personality is an issue he lacks even the basic sets of skills an assassin should have, like proper execution and whatnot but he can’t even point out his target, execution of his target is a distant matter to discuss let alone competing with other assassins. He sometimes even ends up targeting the wrong person. However, the very inabilities of Liuqi Wu and all in all how bad of an assassin he is brings in the humor flavor of the series. However, Liuqi Wu used to be the number 1 assassin and was a formidable assassin but all his glory was lost along with his memories after an incident that made him end up in the situation he is currently in.

Now he holds his position somewhere in the bottom tier of the assassin’s list with his amnesia creeping on him. To survive he had to go through surgery which cost him a monumental fortune so he had to take the loan and sink deep into debt that’s why he ended up taking the path of assassin again to earn some quick money to pay off the debts. However, he holds no memories of his past glory. Dai Bo, a chicken was the one who saved Seven when he was in a vulnerable state (Yes! A chicken you saw that right). Dai Bo and Liuqi Wu then embark on their adventure path and recover Liuqi’s memories. We also get to see Thirteen an attractive skilled assassin on whom Liuqi Wu happens to have a crush she is one of the thirteen sisters in her family and she is self-trained. Her training turned her into a strong assassin gaining her a high position on the assassin’s list.

Scissor Seven Season 4 Characters

Scissor Seven Season 4 Release Date
Scissor Seven Season 4

Liuqi Wu- Malaysian actor and comedian Ronny Chieng provides the voice for Liuqi Wu. On The Daily Show on Comedy Central, he is also one of the senior correspondents.

Scissor Seven Season 4 Trailer

There is no trailer for Scissor Seven Season 4 as it has not been announced as of now, but if you want to watch the trailers of the previous seasons, you can watch it on YouTube.

Where To Watch Scissor Seven Season 4 Online?

As I have mentioned above that there is no season 4 information as of now, so there is also no streaming platform to stream the fourth season. If you want to watch the previous seasons, you can definitely watch them on Netflix.

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