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Shyne Net Worth Is Pretty Blindsiding, Here’s What We Know!

Born on 8th November with the name Jamal Michael Barrow also known as Moses Michael Levi Barrow or Shyne is a Belizean rapper and politician. Shyne is just his stage name. He is 42 years old. He was born in Belize but he moved to New York City later on. As he started living in New York he developed taste for hip-hop and lived with his mother in the Brooklyn region, a neighborhood of East Flatbush.

He was discovered at a barbershop by one and only Imani Hayley. Some of his best-known songs are his singles from the 2000s Bad boyz, Bonnie and Shyne, etc. Some of his many platinum albums are – Ushers’ Confessions, Lil Wayne’s Carter IV, Mase’s Double up, Notorious B.I.G’s Born Again, and Puff Daddy’s Forever. During his tenure, he was part of many such labels, albums, singles, etc. He had overall a very successful career as a rapper.

Shyne Net Worth

Shyne Net Worth

The net worth of Shyne is about 2 million dollars. He currently lives in Belize and is the leader of the opposition. His net worth in the Belize dollar is about four hundred and three million Belize dollars. His best-known relationship is with Diddy. He also did a long bid in prison for the club shooting incident with Diddy.

In 2010 he signed a deal with Def Jam Records reportedly for seven figures.  He also made a trip to Jerusalem in 2010 for his conversion to orthodox Judaism. There he collaborated with a Jewish American Reggae known as Matisyahu. Matisyahu is also a musician. He did his single Messiah with him. He also released another single in 2010 called Roller Song.

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Shyne Early life

Shyne Net Worth

Success did not come easy to the rapper. When he was 3 years old his parents lived in different countries, with his mother living in New York and his father working as a politician in Belize. Till he was 8 years old his brother and father’s sister took care of him. At 8 he moved to live with his mother and visited his father during the summers. While he was all set to release his first-ever album his name got involved in a Manhattan nightclub shooting scandal.

It all happened on the night of December 27th, 1999. This incident also involved his then-mentor Sean Combs and his girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez. Sean was later acquitted of all charges. Eventually, he was taken guilty of assault and was given a jail time of 10 years. He got out in the year 2009. His album was released even after the scandals and became a huge success. This led him to keep creating music even after he was incarcerated.

During the same time, some other changes happened to him too. While in prison he became interested in Judaism and soon became an orthodox follower of Judaism. This is also the reason why he officially changed his name to Moses Michael Levi Borrow. All of this happened close to the year 2006. When he was released from jail in 2009 he was no longer allowed to live in New York and was deported to Belize.

Ever since his arrival in Belize, he was made the ambassador of music and his responsibility was to allow, foster, and supervise the development of music in the country. He also donated a sum of money to the development of musical art in his country. In 2020 his political career sore even higher when he was elected to be in the Belize House of Representatives in the year’s general elections.

Shyne Girlfriend And Relationships

In 2011 he gave a surprise visit at the Matisyahu and HaDag Nachash concert. This was held in Jerusalem’s Kikar Safra. He also gave a rap performance with Matisyahu on King without a crown. While exiting the stage he yelled something that got him a very exciting and room-filling round of applause. He yelled- Free Jonathan Pollard and Free Gilad Shalit. In 2012 he got back on good terms with Diddy. They were clicked at the fashion week in Paris.

In 2012 he supported and endorsed Mitt Romney in the United States presidential election. He was against Barack Obama as according to him Obama did not do anything to help him during his deportation to Belize.

Currently, he is a member of Belize’s house of representatives. He was also nominated by the United Democratic party as a contestant for the House of representatives from the Mesopotamian constituency. This happened in the 2020 Belizean general election.

Shyne Controversy

Actually, the rapper get into controversy in 2001 when he was arrested in a case of attempt to murder at New York Night Club. When he was imprisoned he faced many challenges in his life during that time. But when 2009 he was released from prison he slowly and gradually rose in his career. Somewhere the audience support him when he released a self-titled album that incident helped him to generate the interest of the audience in his albums. We know that this was a kind of negative publicity but that’s how he rose again in his career and now he is successfully delivering many amazing albums.

You can listen to his music on Spotify.

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