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What’s the future of Strangers From Hell Season 2 Release Date?

Some people believe that South Korean dramas contain only genres like rom-com and fantasy, and that’s it. But here they are wrong because as Korea boo me, I can guarantee that there are some superhit dramas of genres like crime thriller, psychological horror, action-adventure, and many more. Those dramas will blow you away if you dig deep into them. One such drama is no exception, and that is Strangers from Hell, which offers us a genre that combines thriller and psychological fiction. The drama was a massive hit among viewers, and it can’t be helped but to look for season 2. In this post, we have covered everything about Strangers from Hell season 2. So, keep on reading

Strangers from Hell, also known as Hell Is Other People, is a South Korean psychological thriller television series that is based on the Naver webtoon series of the same name by Kim Yong-ki.

Strangers From Hell Season 2 Release Date

Strangers From Hell Season 2: Release Date
Strangers From Hell Season 2

The show aired on the South Korean network OCN on August 31, 2019, and concluded in the same year on October 6 with ten episodes. While it was still airing, its viewers were growing more and more not only in Korea but nationwide. The show won the Cable TV Broadcasting Awards in the Grand Prize (Daesang) category.

As for season 2, we didn’t hear any news regarding it, or neither it received a cancellation yet. The makers will give a renewal to this intriguing drama as it left with some suspense and uncertainty mentioned in the plot section below. As soon as we get some official statements about the sequel, we will refresh this section and let you know. Maybe something will be announced in 2023 regarding the cancelation or renewal of the show.

Name of the ShowStrangers From Hell
Season NumberSeason 2
GenrePsychological Drama
Strangers From Hell Season 1 Release Date31 August 2019
Strangers From Hell Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Strangers From Hell Season 2 Overview

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Strangers From Hell Season 2 Cast

Strangers From Hell Season 2 Release Date
Strangers From Hell Season 2

Directed by Lee Chang-hee and written by Jung Yi-do, the drama stars two main protagonists- Im Si-wan as Yoon Jong-wo who is a writer from the countryside and moves in room 303 at Eden Dormitory after found a new position at another company, and Lee Dong-wook as Seo Moon-jo who is a dentist and works close to Eden Dormitory and lives in room 304. He appears to be friendly and sociable, but things are not what they appear.

Apart from the lead, the supporting actors who include Yoon Jong-woo’s colleagues include Cha Rae-hyung as Shin Jae-ho, Kim Han-jong as Park Byeong-min, Oh Hye-won as Son Yoo-jeong, and Park Ji-han as Go Sang-man.

There are also people at Eden Dormitory like Lee Jung-eun as Eom Bok-soon, Lee Hyun-wook as Yoo Gi-hyeok, Park Jong-hwan as Byeon Deuk-jong / Byeon Deuk-soo, Lee Joong-ok as Hong Nam-bok, Hyun Bong-sik as Ahn Hee-joong. This is still not it, some actors played the other and side roles in the first season.

As mentioned, these were cast who played their roles in the primary season. For season 2, no names were revealed yet but the main leads may reappear as well as some supporting actors. There could be some faces and additional characters we can like as Eden Dormitory residents or Yoon Jong-woo’s colleagues.

Strangers From Hell Season 1 Story

Strangers From Hell Season 2 Release Date
Strangers From Hell Season 2

Strangers from Hell tells us the story of a young fellow, Yoon Jong Woo in his 20s who moves to Seoul in the wake of handling an entry-level position in an organization. While searching for a spot to remain, he coincidentally finds Eden Dormitory, an inauspicious modest quarter, and chooses to move there as he is low on cash. However, not excited about the nature of the spot and its unusual occupants, including his nearby neighbor Seo Moon Jo, he chooses to endure it until he sets aside sufficient cash to move out. In any case, strange and mysterious events happen in the Dormitory, making Jong Woo begin to frighten the studio’s residents.

Towards the show’s finale, we see that Yoon Jong is slowly turning into a psychopath and the reason for that is still vague, which leaves us in suspense. So, if the second installment of this thrilling show happens, it will show us the cause of Yoon Jong being psycho and paranoid. It can lead us to some more dreadful and mysterious occurrences that bounds to happen in Eden Dormitory. Whatever happens, it will bring some chills to our bones and once again won’t disappoint us with their puzzling and full of the exciting, and anxious storyline.

Strangers From Hell Season 2 Story

So, now the question is that what will happen in Strangers From Hell Season 2? The story of season 1 will be continued, or will there be another story for season 2? The answers of all these questions can only be given when some official announcement is out. We cannot say anything regarding the story for the next installment.

Strangers From Hell Season 2 Trailer

When we haven’t even received the release date of season 2, how can we get a trailer? So, yes, there is no trailer or clips available of the second season to show you all right now. But if you haven’t been given a chance to this drama, just don’t think and go right away and open Netflix or Viu to stream with any language subtitle you prefer. 

Where To Watch Strangers From Hell Season 2 Online?

We cannot give you any kind of assurance regarding Strangers From Hell season 2, but if you want to watch the first season of the season, then you can definitely watch it on Prime Video and Netflix.

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