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Twinkling Watermelon Season 2 Release Date: Predicted Story, Plot, Where To Read And More!

Korean dramas are the highlight of today. Most audiences who are into watching shows on their devices are in love with Korean dramas for their beautiful plots and dreamy stories. Kdramas started out with their beautiful plots but now they have spread across all genres and are very interesting. The stories have panned out from romantic dramas to killer spy series.

The one in discussion today is however a cult favourite and a beautiful soft story. Being a very new series, the story has already created a huge storm in the industry. Fans are waiting to watch every episode curiously and this has got them waiting for every single episode to release. However, the first season is on the verge of its end.

Yes, with the season coming to an end, the audience is curious to know when the show will be back for another season. being a story of a boy living a life as a band member and a straight-A student, his life seems very interesting. The turn comes when he gets to go back and meet his dad. This article covers everything you are looking for! The article will consist of topics about the Season Two release date, predicted story, spoilers, where to watch and a lot more!

Read further to know all about it!

Twinkling Watermelon Season 2 Release Date

Twinkling Watermelon is a new series that has managed to steal the hearts of most audiences. Gaining a worldwide viewer base, this story has broken records. While getting a lot of positive reviews and ratings, the cast is especially said to have been perfectly picked as well.

Being a brand new series, the story of this student-superstar has gotten everybody interested. While the show is ending, most are curious to know when it will come back and how long it is going to take. Following the first season, the second one will also have sixteen episodes if it is coming back. The episode airing schedule will also be very similar to the first one.

Coming to the most awaited part, the renewal of season two. Audience, you are in for great news! The show has been confirmed for another season! yes, the show is going to be back with the next season In no time. While most of the cast is going to stay the same, the audience cannot wait to know about the new additions.

Let’s talk date snow. The first one is on the verge of its ending and the next one is already ready to air! Yes, you heard that right. The second season is all set to air in January of the next year! The official release date is said to be January 8, 2024. The season is going to have sixteen episodes as well and the airing schedule is going to be Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:50 PM KST!

If you are someone who is deciding whether to watch the show or not, go ahead! It’s one of a kind. The series is available to be streamed on Netflix!


Twinkling Watermelon Season 2 Predicted Story And Plot

After a fantastic first season, the second one is said to have a fresh beautiful continuation. The story of Ha Eun Gyeol is surely something that has piqued everybody’s interest. Being a student and leading a secret life altogether has made him even more strong. This 18-year-old is sent back in time to watch his father as a teenager. The show is set back in 1995 and is so cool.

The guy joins a band led by Yi Chan, his father as a teenager. In order to get his mother and dad close, he goes on this journey. While he is trying to help Yi Chan win the heart of his future mother, there seems to be a complication.

Eun Gyeol seems to have a crush on Se Kyeong, who was a cellist. While his dad also had a crush on Kyeong, there are some circumstances that would threaten a change in history as well. The season finale shows us the confession of love between Gyeol and Kyeong and how they kiss.

With time running out, he runs back after waving bye to everybody and the next season is going to follow along the same lines. The story of how he found a note addressed seems very interesting. This note is by the store owner who also seems to be the sister of Se Kyeong. The note gives him two options, to come back to the present or stay in 1995 and this one decision made by him had the power to change the history of everybody involved as well.

The story shows us how he will continue to choose the present, 2023 and lose his Se Kyeong. The second one will show us his new life back here with all that he has known about the past. It will show us more about what happened at the music store, more details about time travel and a connection we all are curious about.

Stay tuned for more!


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