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Welcome To Plathville Season 4 Release Date and More

Official Trailer of Season 1

Hi all, welcome back. I am sure you are here to get more news and updates. Well, what are we here for then! Today I am going to share with you the updates and news about the series which is a fan favorite. 

The TLC Reality show focuses on the Plathville Family. The show first aired its season in December 2019. Rated 5.4 by IMDb and 84% from the audience the show received a below-average rating from its viewers. Even though the rating is quite low I would still suggest you watch the show produced by A Smith and Co. 

With 3 seasons in total as of now, this US drama is enjoyed by quite a few of the audience. And if you too are one of them and hoping for a new season to release then you’re on the right page. 

Then without further ado let’s discuss the release date and from when you can start streaming the show.

Welcome To Plathville Season 4 Release Date

Cheer up guys, season 4 is coming soon and is knocking at your doorstep. The new season will air on May 17th at 10 pm. The new season will have 12 episodes in total.

Are you ready for the comeback?

Guys the news is official so you can stream the show any day now. 

Till you wait for the show to arrive on your screen you can rewatch the show to pass your time. And if you haven’t yet then guys, what are you waiting for, stream it now. 

SeasonsRelease Dates
Welcome To Plathville Season 1 Release Date 5 November 2015
Welcome To Plathville Season 3 Release Date 24 August 2021
Welcome To Plathville Season 4 Release Date 17 May 2022
Welcome To Plathville Season 4 Release Date

Welcome To Plathville Season 4 Story

Welcome To Plathville Season 4 Release Date
Welcome To Plathville

The story will pick up from where it left in the last season. This 12 episode season will too focus on the family and its lifestyle. 

Further exploring their adventure, you will catch a glimpse of the new cities that they travel across. You will also get a flavor of romance as their ever-changing and growing relationship finds a new boat for the viewers to ship. 

Enjoy the beauty of the scenes of the cities as the show focuses on, further unraveling the relationship squabbles that are waiting for your way. 

Welcome To Plathville Season 3 Recap

This season too has 12 episodes and received a slightly better rating from IMDb thus making the rank push all the way up. This shows that with passing episodes the series gets better and also plucks the interest of the audience intriguing their interests further. 

The season focuses on the journey of the kids to discover themselves again. Things are not as easy as it seems. The kids need to keep a check on their sibling visas vi also focus on the broken relationship with their parents.

The show adds conflicts, marital disturbance, adventure, and tension in order to make the spicy show hotter. Watch the show as you smell new love in the autumn air. 

Welcome To Plathville Season 2 Recap

Welcome To Plathville Season 4 Release Date
Welcome To Plathville

The season premiered in 2020. 

As the family splits there is new tension awaiting their way. With the new experience on the farm, can things turn better or more trouble is waiting for the members? 

This season has 17 episodes and each runs for approximately 43 mins. 

Welcome To Plathville Season 1 Story

The reality show mainly focuses on the family and its member’s lifestyles as each is involved in music, family life, adventure, passion, and more. As the conservative family follows their own traditional values, will technology seem taboo?

Watch the fun US drama now. 

Welcome To Plathville Season 4 Cast and Characters

Welcome To Plathville Season 4 Release Date
Welcome To Plathville Cast

The series features; Ethan, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Barry, Kim, and Olivia. The cast members themselves play the role of their own characters, this being a reality show focusing on the Plath family in general. 

Watch your favorite actors showcase their own life and drama on screen. 

Where To Watch Welcome To Plathville Season 4?

You can enjoy the show on Amazon Prime Videos, TLC, and YouTube TV

Welcome To Plathville Season 4 Trailer

I have shared the trailer for Season 1. The following season trailer is there on YouTube as well as on other pages. The upcoming season trailer is not out yet. What you can find is the prediction date, story, and cast which you will already find there in this article. If you are still interested to learn more about the same then you can definitely go back and watch the videos. 

That’s all folks, as you wait for season 4 to arrive on your android or screen. Watch, rewatch or even binge-watch this show.

Happy Watch! 

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