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Where Is Rosalie Bolin Today? 

You may have heard the names of Oscar Ray Bolin and Rosalie Bolin if you are a true crime lover. Oscar Ray Bolin made the headlines for the heinous acts he committed. He has been convicted for over a while now. He is found guilty of several murders and rape charges.

However, today we will talk about his wife Rosalie Bolin. She showed true love and loyalty to him till his last breath and maybe continues to do so even today.

More About Oscar Bolin

Oscar Ray Bolin Jr. was an American serial killer and convicted rapist. He has a long list of crimes. His killing spree started in 1986. Bolin kidnapped and murdered three young women in Tampa, Florida in 1986. He was later connected to a fourth murder in Texas in 1987.

Along with two other men, Bolin also kidnapped and raped a 20-year-old waitress in Toledo, Ohio. However, he also tried to kill her afterward. But the gun jammed and he let her go. For this, Bolin was captured and sentenced to 22 to 75 years in prison.

Bolin’s then-wife Haffner divorced him and remarried. Her new husband had then tipped the police about Bolin having come to know everything from Haffner.

This led to the procurement of more witnesses. This included Bolin’s younger half-brother and cousin. They all testified against him. Thanks to all the testimonials, Bolin was found guilty and was sentenced to death in July 1991. He was sentenced for the murder of Holley, Collins, and Matthews.

More About Rosalie Bolin

Where Is Rosalie Bolin Today?
Where Is Rosalie Bolin Today?

Now that you know about Oscar Bolin and his heinous crimes let’s get into the main question of this article. 

Rosalie Bolin was a very loyal wife to her husband. Despite the court’s verdict and all the testimonials, she never believed him to be guilty. She stood by her husband till his last day.

Bolin has worked in capital litigation in Florida since she met her husband. She also set up her private investigation firm. Rosalie first met Oscar when she was on his defense team. She left her wealthy attorney husband and kids to marry a criminal. Interestingly enough, their marriage occurred via a phone call.

She took the chance of marrying a person convicted of murder. She believed her husband to be innocent. 

However, their marriage did not last long. 

Right after a couple of days, Oscar was sentenced to death. Rosalie did not give up. She tried her best to exonerate her husband. Ultimately she failed. Thus in 2016, Oscar was executed with lethal injection. 

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Where Is Rosalie Bolin Today?

It is very hard to tell where exactly she resides. However, it can be expected that Rosalie Bolin currently resides in Florida. She has stayed there working in public litigation since she met her husband.

She does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page either. So it is very difficult to know about her whereabouts right now. She has wanted to stay away from the public eye after the incident of her husband’s death.

Many say that her attraction to a convicted murderer might be the case of hybristophilia. Hybristophilia is any kind of sexual interest and attraction to those who commit crimes.

 However, Rosalie has maintained that she was with him because she believed he was innocent.

Even though she believed Oscar Ray Bolin to be innocent, she also said that she sympathized with the victims and their families. She did lose her job at the public defender’s office in Hillsborough County due to her marriage to Oscar. She had been a paralegal in that office in the 90s

Oscar Ray Bolin’s Last Words

Where Is Rosalie Bolin Today?
Where Is Rosalie Bolin Today?

Oscar declined to make the last words. However, in the interviews leading up to his death, he had said that the death penalty would be a release for him. He was tired of being locked up for 28 years.

 WTVT took his last interview.

He did take his last meal. Which has now been revealed to be a rib-eye steak, baked potato, salad, garlic bread, lemon meringue pie, and Coca-Cola. You might be interested to know that Bolin was the first to be executed in 2016 in the United States.

Undoubtedly the case of Oscar Bolin still gathers the entire nation’s attention. It is one of the many cases of true crime stories that a lot of people are interested in. More so the life of Rosalie Bolin. She fell in love with a criminal and gave up everything to marry that guy. We really cannot understand her love and passion for someone who can commit such acts. 

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