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Whose Story Is Dhak Dhak Based On? Read To Know All About Fathima’s New Movie!

Refreshing new titles are a need of the hour in the entertainment industry lately. With fresh topics addressing passions and awareness, the audience also seems to evolve. New titles supporting unusual dreams, traveling, etc are trending now. The title in discussion today is a banger focused on a power cast. While it addresses the long-standing plot of traveling women, this has a certain twist to it.

Dhak Dhak is a Hindi movie starring renowned actresses that was released recently. Being a story inspired by true events, this surely is a fun watch and focuses on traveling desires. The story revolves around Rathna Pathak Shah, who is an avid biker, and a travel enthusiast. The other three leads are also bikers and the thrill of the story is really interesting.

This article unveils the true story of Dhak Dhak and discusses its release, story, and lots more. So, if you are keen on knowing about the origin of Dhak Dhak’s story, you are at the right place!

Read further to know all about it!

Whose Story Is Dhak Dhak Based On

Dhak Dhak is a movie by Tarun Dudeja that focuses on the power of travel and desire. The movie was released recently and the cast has done a wonderful job. The talents in this movie are Ratna Pathak Shah, Fathima Sana Sheikh, Dia Mirza, and Sanjana Sanghi. The story revolves around four female bikers with a drive to travel.

It focuses on an expedition to Khardungla Pass and celebrates such enthusiasts. The story is drawn around Sky, Manpreet, Uzma and Manjari. The journey they embark on is surely an inspiration to many and will surely have an impact on such enthusiasts as well.

Sky’s role is portrayed by Fatima Sana Sheikh and she is a social media influencer. The story gets more thrilling when she meets a 60-year-old biker. This 60-year-old is Manpreet who has won a bike in the lottery and is dreaming of going on an expedition to Khardunga Pass. The story goes on as Sky continues to document Manpreet’s journey, she comes in contact with Uzma, a bike mechanic. They also encounter Manjari, a solo traveller and this is her first experience.

The story unfolds the aspects that these women were trying to overcome and become better. Dhak Dhak is a true story and is inspired. While the real inspiration is unknown, the story surely highlights feminism. Most scripts are usually inspired by stills and are wound around the story. This movie is also an inspiration by one such biker and the story is knit around very cleverly to make it more impactful and highlight passions matter.


Dhak Dhak

Dhak Dhak is a movie by Tarun Dudeja and written by Parijat Joshi. The story highlights that the journey matters more than the destination. It does have four protagonists fighting for their freedom and how they embark on a very precious journey that will remembered.

The cast of the movie is very talented and all of them are known for their unique concepts and picks. Fathima Sana Sheikh plays the role of Sky who is a social media influencer and enjoys documenting everyday activities. The story continues as she comes in contact with a 60-year-old named Manpreet who has just won a bike in a lottery. She is focused on embarking on a journey to the Khardunga Pass. Sky continues to document the life of Manpreet and on this journey, they meet two other women. Manpreet’s role is played by the very talented Rathna Pathak Shah. They meet Uzma who is a talented, bike mechanic and a homemaker who is not appreciated and is striving for a release. They also meet Manjari whose role is played by Sanjana Sanghi and Uzma’s role is played by Dia Mirza.

This movie is surely a spectacular one and deserves a watch. There are some points where the story lags and they try to overtalk about feministic scenes but surely the movie has a great message in it. This story will serve as an inspiration to all the travel freaks. Make sure to catch it on Netflix before it’s too late!

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