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Akiba Maid Wars Season 2 Release Date: When To Expect This?

When it comes to the Japanese manga series Akiba Maid War has been among the leading franchise for many to go ahead and watch. For the people who aren’t aware, Akiba Maid Wars is among the popular series which has been produced by Cygames and P.A. Works the director of the series is Soichi Masui and the scripting was done by Yoshihiro Hiki.

After successfully launching the first new season of the series, the Japanese adaptation of the series received many popular and positive critics for its great plotline as well as the set of casting included.

2022 has been the year for many Japanese manga series! This year was the year when we got to see many manga series making their way to release. This was also the year we got to see the new first season of the Akiba Maid series make its way to release. If you are interested to get to know more about the cast, and plot for the upcoming new season, then here we have got you covered with everything you should know.

Akiba Maid Wars Season 2 Release Date

If you have just watched the first new season of Akiba Mai Wars and have been wondering about when will we get to watch the second season, then to put a hold on your imagination we have brought all the speculations which we feel could definitely happen.

Before moving to the release date, let’s take a look at the facts which can hint us to get nearly assumptions about the release date. First of all, the first new season of the series was just released back on the 7th of October this year, and till we have written this article, the airing for the first season with new episodes in correct intervals.

How does this help? Well, this definitely gives us a hint that the release date for the second new season is nowhere near to few more months to bring the new seasons where are certain aspects to look forward to.

What are the aspects to look forward to? The first and foremost thing to consider is the popularity of the series, if the series has been working well which is what the show makers wanted then probably, you will see the second new season getting renewal and then production started.

As of now, there is no such hint about the renewal for the second season but we can assure you by looking at the popularity and the positive critics from fans that for sure, we will see a second season renewal happen soon.

After renewal, it’s time for the production and of course, the production for a manga series will consume a few more months, so let’s hope that the renewal for the show happens soon before the start of 2023. Let’s get to the release date part, so, if everything goes fine as per plans, and also assuming that October month has been the timeline set for this Akida Maid series, it will very much safe to assume that the new season, the Akiba Season 2 will possible make its arrival by October of 2023.

Name of the ShowAkiba Maid Wars
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreBlack Comedy
Akiba Maid Wars Season 1 Release Date7 October 2022
Akiba Maid Wars Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet

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Who will be Casting for Akiba Maid Season 2?

Akiba Maid Wars Season 2 Release Date

It will be too early to confirm on our side who will be casting for Akiba Maid Season 2, but we can assume one thing the cast for the new season will be remaining the same as the story won’t be taken much forward with just one season. So, we will get to see almost the majority of the cast from the first season make their to the second season as well.

To bring more twists to the plot, which every manga lover would love to see, we might get to see how makers show interest in adding a new character it may be on the villain side or on the hero side but adding characters for plot twists is definitely something worth watching. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for something best to happen.

What about the Plotline for Akiba Maid Season 2?

Akiba Maid Wars Season 2 Release Date

On the plot side, we don’t have any assumptions but we can one thing the plot for the first season could possibly end with a cliffhanger which is again a piece of great news to give a hint that there will be a new season coming to complete the story.

But, since the airing is still going on, it’s very hard to assume where the cliffhanger ending will happen. We will be posting more updates about the show in the near future, so stay tuned for that.

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