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Asuko High School March Season 2: Will There Be A New Season?

The series Asuko High School March Season 2 or Asuko March, as popularly known by many, is a manga-adopted popular K drama series. The series aired the first season in 2011 and was one of those few series that lack in quality a little bit but are very famous with the audience and viewers as they can make a special connection with them and strum some heartstrings.

However, it has been ten years since the show’s first installment came out, and the fans of the show have since wondered if there will ever be a second season of Asuko March for them to witness as the manga has ended a long time back with four volumes. Here we will Discuss the Series Asuko High School March Season 2.

Asuko High School March Season 2 Release Date

Many people liked the drama, but at the same time, many could not handle the irritating behavior of Nao. So, if you are someone who likes Takei, you will love the show. Also, the show looks a drag and is not super interesting.

Many people have been wondering if there will ever be a second show season as the first one came ten years ago, and it has been relatively long. I would not like to kill the fans of the series, but the chances of a second season are bleak considering it has been ten years, and no news has come from any of the parties involved. Also, the show’s first season was not a huge success, and people would not like to visit a 10-year-old show just to catch up when so many good K dramas have come over the years. So the chances are significantly less, but in the entertainment industry, you never know what will happen next, and like that, we may witness Asuko March season 2 someday. So keep your hopes alive.

Asuko High School March Season 2 Story

Nao Yoshino (played by the very famous Takei Emi) is a girl who gets into a technical school with only male students. She has to take admission to the school after failing to enter her dream college, which was for females. Thus, she left with no choice but to take admission in Asuko or Kenritsu Asuka Kougyou Koukou. She is devastated by the daily routine of taking part in dirty and challenging classes of her high school. She feels isolated as she was the only female student in her class, but soon after, her friendship starts to grow with other people, and the male students begin to come around her and lift her, love sprouts. The series is now available on Netflix.

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Asuko High School March Season 2 Characters

Many famous names have been featured in the manga-adapted show. Some of them are:

The main female protagonist, Takei Emi, is just too good throughout the series. Nao Yoshino’s character is one of those weird characters who make it difficult for the audience not to hate them. She is one of those people who stick their nose in everybody’s business without having anything to do with it and are just caring to the point where it becomes irritating to handle them.

Although it is an unrealistic and annoying trait, this helps been them get along with people and makes others accept them. Her performance in Taisetsu was still better than this, but she also does a decent job and can connect to the people.

Also, this is the drama where many found out about Matsuzaka Tori, who is also with Emi in the drama Gold. Here they played siblings. He plays Yokoyama Aruto, a type of male escort to people in pubs and restaurants. The chemistry between him and Nao is just too good.

Many other impressive performances came from the likes of Kaku Kento, who plays Tamaki Makoto. He likes Nao after getting to know her more and is also a rival of Aruto. He is moreover a person who is in love with mechanics and is crazy about the subject. He is also very protective of his family and doesn’t like it when people look down on him as dignity is essential.

Gorka Ayame is the one playing Aizawa Momo. She is not the main character and has little to do in the main story, but she causes some of the conflicts in the series. Therefore, she can be considered the antagonist in this fiction. She becomes jealous of Nao only because she wanted to be the only girl in the school, but her dream was not to fulfill, show season, and she did not become the center of attention.

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