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Azur Lane Season 2 Release Date Updates

Anime and manga are ruling the world like usual. Created in both Japan and China. It’s not only famous there, but around the whole world especially in entire Asia. Earlier fans used to face trouble while binge-watching as many are not versatile in either of the languages. But no worries now Anime is available with English subtitles and is now even dubbed in regional languages as well. 

Have you watched Azur Lane season1? I hope you enjoyed watching this one. Anime is usually adapted from Manga. But what happens when it’s adapted from a game or in other words Otome? Well, this one certainly is one of those. 

Adapted from a game the anime was announced in September 2018. The action sci-fi military anime made its debut in 2019. It finished airing with 12 episodes in March 2020. The runtime of each episode is 23 mins. The Fall 2019 anime is licensed by Funimation. 

The anime received a rating of 6.29 from My Anime List (MAL), 5.9 from IMDb, and 58% of votes from AniList. Written by Leah Clark, Madeleine Morris, and Jin Haganeya, the anime is making the audience anticipate the renewal status. 

Azur Lane Season 2 Release Date

If we look at the graph, the response of this anime is not quite good. The rating varies from average to low. The audience response is not quite to the expectations of the anime creators the chances of a comeback as we can notice are quite slim. 

So, you guys may have to wait for a year or two for the anime to release a new season. With the anime airing in 2021 with complete episodes you might have to wait till 2023 or at the most till 2024. No official news of cancellation or season renewal has reached our end. Even we are unsure how things will go from here. 

The most played game was adapted into an anime with the expectation of winning the hearts of the audience. The game is very popular among Chinese and Japanese users. But the makers were gravely disappointed with the response after the anime made its way to the OTT’s. 

So, whether the anime will have a comeback is completely up to the demand of the audience and the interest of the producers and the team. Let’s pray and see how things shape up. 

Till then let’s head to the story in general. 

Azur Lane Season 1 Release Date 3 October 2019
Azur Lane Season 1 End Date 20 March 2020
Azur Lane Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet

Azur Lane Season 1 Story

Azur Lane Season 2 Release Date
Azur Lane

Sirens are an alien force who with the help of arsenals suppress the current technology. But suddenly divided humanity stands in the way. Four countries come together and stand against the union with an initial victory. But again, when the allies break, humanity gets fragmented. 

Suddenly an experienced fighter emerged with the hope of ending this war. But behind this strong muscle hides a fragile girl who is really afraid of sea and ocean, to be precise water. But suppressing all her fear she continues to fight with the belief that this is the purpose of her life’s existence. 

With obstacles one after the other and enemies trying to befriend her to hurt her weak spot. What will she do?

Follow this action sci-fi, if you are wanting for some at this moment. 

If you played the game, I am sure you will love the anime too. So, go and stream the show while you wait for the second to arrive. 

If you have already watched this one and are waiting for the second to arrive. Then let me share some similar anime that you can binge-watch while the renewal arrives. 

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Anime Like Azur Lane

Here you go:

  1. Kantai Collection: KanColle
  2. Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova
  3. High School Fleet
  4. Girly Air Force
  5. Assault Lily: Bouquet
  6. K-On!

I listed some of the anime which you can spend your time watching while we wait for the anime to announce the release of season 2. So, we can get back to you with the news. You can find these 6 animes available on Funimation, Crunchyroll, Gogoanime, or Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos

Where To Watch Azur Lane?

Azur Lane Season 2 Release Date
Azur Lane

The anime is available on Funimation. But if you are unable to stream there due to regional restrictions. Then you can try watching the anime on Gogoanime, Hulu, or 4anime

The trailer to this anime is shared with this article. Go and watch it then definitely stream the action anime on any of these platforms. 

So, with this, I will bid you farewell for now. You enjoy the anime with tea, and coffee whatever is your favorite. Till we meet with new updates and news. 

Happy Watch!

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