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Banana Fish Season 2 Release Date and Future Possibilities

A Japanese manga series called Banana Fish Season 2 is the most awaited series. Season 1 debuted in 1985 and ran until April 1994. In July 2018, MAPPA, a Japanese anime studio, released the anime adaptation of the manga after 20 years. Following the first season, it has 24 episodes. Despite the anime’s last episode being published two years ago, fans eagerly anticipate season 2.

When will the anime’s second season be released? Will there be a second season? Many positive reviews were made for the series after its highly acclaimed season finale on December 19, 2018. IMDb data show that the anime was published on Amazon Prime and enjoyed worldwide, a 7.9 score above the average. I would like to take a moment to review the story of the series that has passed two years before proceeding with the release date.

Banana Fish Season 2 Release Date

Banana Fish Season 2 Release Date
Banana Fish Season 2

MAPPA or the producers have not yet announced a second season renewal at the time of writing. In addition, the manga of the series is finished, and it is no longer being updated today. With details like smartphones and the Iraq war, the manga is taken from the 1980s to the 2000s. However, animes are generally based on mangas. Season 2 may not have enough scripts, thus making me wonder if there are enough. Sadly, this question cannot be answered. But don’t worry you can check our website when we update this section for the latest information.

Name of the ShowBanana Fish
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreThriller, Drama
Banana Fish Season 1 Release Date5 July 2018
Banana Fish Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Banana Fish Season 2 Overview

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Banana Fish Season 2 Story

The events in Banana Fish take place in America, and the show is a crime thriller. A charming main character and outstanding fighter, Ash Lynx appears in the series as Ash Lynx. Ash, a 17-year-old New York City street gang leader, is the leader of a gang of children.
A group of soldiers on Ash’s older brother’s squad during the Vietnam War in 1973 were shot and killed by Griffin Callenreese, Ash’s older brother. “Banana Fish” caused the boy to collapse. In New York City, he started living with his brother Ash after becoming mentally handicapped.
The course of Ash’s life changed when his subordinate shot him, handed him a flask of a substance and gave him a California address, and told him to “Banana Fish,” as he died. The story begins when Ash investigates the banana fish with its source’s curiosity.

There is no doubt our main character Ash is important to a potential second season. Are you sure Ash is dead? The death of some fans has not been accepted by all. The writers’ deaths are also very unfair since the ground was not covered in blood after they were stabbed. Perhaps a second season will bring Ash and Eiji together. It is still near impossible for these predictions to come true.

Banana Fish Season 2 Characters

Banana Fish Season 2 Release Date
Banana Fish Season 2

Season 2 of Banana Fish is not renewed yet, so we cannot say anything regarding the characters of the next season also. Well, Banana Fish has only one season till now, it contains dozens of characters, and various of these characters play key roles in the show’s plot. Our character bios are below, so you can get a sense of who they are and where they come from.

Ash Lynx: At the age of seven, Ash, the main character of the show, ran away from home after being named Aslan Jade Callenderreese. Taking advantage of him, Corsican mobster “Papa” Dino Golzine groomed him to be a sex slave. Later in his life, Ash became the heir to Golzine’s criminal empire and was appointed enforcer of the crime syndicate. As a seasoned criminal, Ash had everything to gain but gave everything up when he decided to investigate “banana fish” after his older brother, Griffin was killed. Ash shows that he is a seasoned marksman and a knife expert. Ash is a charismatic, brilliant, and tactically astute character in terms of his personality.

Eiji Okumura: Japan’s 19-year-old college student Eiji is the second main character in the show. He has begun his athletic career with a promising career in pole-vaulting but was forced into early retirement after suffering a serious injury. No options left to him, he became the assistant of Japanese photojournalist Shunichi Ibe. He meets Ash in New York City where he is working on a report on street gangs, and by doing so becomes involved in the violent series of events that unfold. When it comes to Eiji’s personality, he is shown to be kind and gentle, as well as naive at times. Additionally, Ash cares deeply about Eiji, and this is a weakness he’s often exploited by his enemies.

Max Lobo: Besides being a Vietnam War veteran and a former New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer, Max also works as a freelance journalist. Ash held Max responsible for Griffin’s inexplicable madness since he served with him in the same platoon. Max and Ash become close friends after Ash begins investigating “banana fish”.
“Papa” Dino Golzine: A powerful gangster whose crime syndicate is Unione Corse, Dino wishes to sell banana fish to the government to gain influence and increase his power. In addition to running a child sex ring, Dino raises Ash and makes sure he is groomed to become an enforcer for the Unione Corse.

Banana Fish Season 2 Trailer

Anime trailers are loved by everyone. Audiences enjoy them because they create a buzz. These are short-form films that provide cinematic excitement to crowds as stand-alone. Yet, producing a video that entertains the viewer and describes the project isn’t easy. Trailers need to engage audiences with the same storytelling elements and techniques used in film and television – perhaps even more so, since every single second in trailers is scrutinized. And Banana Fish’s crew members have shown their mesmerizing work through their first trailer.

Where To Watch Banana Fish Season 2 Online?

Banana Fish Season 2 has not been announced as of now, so we cannot be sure that on which streaming platform will it be streamed. But if you want to watch the first season, you can watch it here on Netflix.

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