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Between Season 3 Release Date And Updates

Between is a Canadian drama. The science-fiction teenage TV series made its first debut in May 2015. It first premiered on City TV. Then Netflix gained the authority of co-producing the series. This authorized the series to be streamed outside of Canada.

The show has 2 seasons with 12 episodes each and the runtime being 45 mins.  The show is created by Michael McGowan. The series received a rating of 6.0 from IMDb.

The series focuses on the life of the daughter of a Minister who is pregnant. They live in the small town of Pretty Lake. The town is coping with an indeed very mysterious disease or rather a plague. It’s killing everyone above the age of 21.  

The setup of the show is well and intense. The story too is well written and the actors did a great job. 

But the million-dollar question is, will the show have a renewal? Is Season 3 canceled? When can you expect its release?

Well, worry not. Here I am. To stay tuned, grab your coffee and start scrolling! 

A quick warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Between Season 3 Release Date 

The first season made its debut in 2015 and the second in 2016. But sadly, the first season didn’t quite receive positive reviews but the second one came anyway. But unfortunately, there’s still no news about a new season. 

So, it’s quite unlikely for the show to return from slumber. Fans are expecting its release. But till this date, we couldn’t get hold of any information. 

If there’s a renewal you might as well expect 12 episodes like the previous ones. 

Well, it’s been five years already so it’s likely that the chances of renewal are slim. 

Between Season 3 Expected Plot

As you already know the town is afflicted with mysterious diseases. However, this season shows some themes to save the place. It also highlights the theme of quarantine and what isolation means to people. The current situation that we all are going through; i.e. Covid 19 Pandemic.

Well, this is an assumption. The series is open to any theme or plot ideas. But since neither a trailer nor teaser nor even a date is hinted at, we don’t have any information other than this. 

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Between Season 2 Recap


Most of the population of Pretty Lake is dying due to the virus, and the government has quarantined the families. Now under lockdown for such a long time, they are running out of food. They are more than desperate to run away from this catastrophe. People are seen fighting off the crisis in agony. Then suddenly there’s a strange appearance of a scientist claiming to cure the virus. 

Ronnie on the other hand discovers a group of people led by Renne, trying to stay alive. Wiley and Liam try to find someone who is about to turn 22, so as to test the cure on him or her.

Meanwhile, Minister Miller has ordered extermination. Adam tries his best to take out the vaccinated inhabitants before the order is authorized.

The season ends with Willey failing a negotiation which could end up costing Mark’s life.  

Between Season 1 Recap


A strange virus has contaminated the town killing people above the age of 21. The government has put the town in quarantine. People try to find answers while dealing with their own personal problems. The bodies of the dead are burned while a fire ruins two supermarkets. 

This season is full of chaos, death, sacrifices, and bad news. Some try to escape while others look for solutions. 

The season ends with Adam thinking of a way out to save the town. But Ronnie may have to sacrifice himself. On the other hand, Mellissa confronts Wiley to reveal the father of her child. 

That’s all folks! If you haven’t yet watched the series then go and watch now. It’s available on Netflix. This is a real good time to watch the series. As you can relate with the current pandemic that has affected everyone’s life.

Happy Watch! 

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