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Blade Season 2 Release Date And What To Expect?

The series Blade Season 2 is based on the Marvel Comic Character and the character from the film series. The events of the series take place after the events of Blade: Trinity. This series was distributed by New Line Cinema alongside Warner Bros. since they had the rights for distribution prior to the Disney buyout of Marvel. The show had attracted all types of audiences whether it was for its action, or its Marvel label, or the vampire-based theme.  It was produced by Gordon Mark. The series has only one season so far with only 13 episodes.

Here are all the details we know about Blade Season 2 Release Date.

Blade Season 2 Release Date

The show was premiered on Spike on June 28, 2006. However, there will be no second installment for the series as it was canceled unfortunately leaving the fans in a cliffhanger.

Blade Season 2 Story

The story of the series kicks off by following Krista Starr, who has just returned from military service in Iraq only to find out that his twin brother, Zack has been murdered in a mysterious way. She decided to investigate the whole case herself. After chasing leads and sorting out clues she discovered that Zack has been working for vampires as a “familiar”.

Familiars in the series are referred to as servants who serve the vampires and in exchange for their services, they will be granted eternal life by their ‘masters’. On her pursuit to reach the bottom of the case, Krista encounters Blade. She also encountered Marcas Van Sciver.

Marcus is revealed to Zack’s murderer. Marcus is a powerful vampire who happens to have a lot of capabilities and strength. He belonged to the ‘House of Chthon’, and also holds a high rank there. Marcus gets captivated by Krista. He decides that he will turn Krista into a vampire as well by injecting his blood into her. Blade then gets approached by Krista and he injects Krista with the serum he uses to control his own vampire instincts.

Blade then reveals that Zack was actually working for Blade and he was carrying out a sting operation for him. He then offers her a chance to avenge his deceased brother by bringing down Marcus and the House of Chthon. Though a bit reluctant, she agreed. Now the entire plot revolves around how Krista maintains her cover in the House of Chthon and simultaneously controls her vampire instincts at times which makes her show the predatory side of a vampire.

Marcus on the other hand is developing a vaccine that can make vampires immune to their traditional weaknesses such as sunlight, garlic, silver, etc. But it was only revealed later that his actual motive was to eradicate the ‘pure blood’, who are ruling the vampire class by a virus in a  project called the Aurora Project, the virus will only affect the purebloods only and the turn blood vampires like Chase and Marcus who used to humans once won’t be affected. In the season finale, ge unleashes his weapon with the help of Blade.

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Blade Season 2 Cast

Blade Season 2 Release Date

Blade- Kirk Jones was better known by his stage name Sticky Fingaz.  plays the role of Blade in the Blade series. He was born on November 3, 1973. He is an actor, record producer, and a hard-core rapper. His feature film credits include Spike Lee’s Clockers, In Too Deep, Lockdown, Doing a Hard Time, and Breaking Point, but is best known for his role as “Tyrone” in Next Friday

Krista Starr- Jill Suzanne Wagner plays the role of Krista Starr. In 2003, she was selected as a cast member on the MTV series Punk’d, participating in several sketches.

Marcus- Neil Jackson plays the role of Marcus in the series. He is an English actor and writer who has appeared in several television series and films. He was born on 5 March 1976.

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