Breaking Bad Season 6 Release Date: Is It Renewed?

The phrase breaking bad is from Southern Colloquialism which literally means raising hell. The show is set in New Mexico. The show revolves around a high school chemistry teacher with little or no money. He is over educated and because of his low yielding job which is pretty unsatisfactory he is very despondent. As if this was not enough, he gets lung cancer stage three putting him very close to death. This makes him reflect at his financial standing and what exactly shall he be leaving for his family.

Troubled by this he decides to take the immoral path and sell crystal meth. As an accomplice he takes in his student from beforenamed Jesse Pinkman.
This is a neo-western crime drama creator by Vince Gilligan. The show began in September 2008 and ran for a good five seasons and accumulated a total of 62 episodes. The last season was aired in 2013.

Throughout the five-season run the show had positive reviews all along. But they saw a major increase in the viewership after they show started to appear on Netflix. This happened a little before the furth season. In some way Netflix really simplified the approach to the show. By the time season 4 aired he show started getting much more audience and received acclaim. By season 5 the views only increased more. By the time the second half of season 5 was aired the series had grown very famous around the world as well and made it one of the most watched American dramas. Even after the series has ended people still wish to watch further and have only appreciated it more than before.

Ever since then the fans have been hopeful for the show’s return. There have been millions of tweets and request to the show’s creators and actors to come back as people loved the story and them on screen. So, if you are one of those people too, please keep reading and discover all that we have collected for you. Here are all the details we know about Breaking Bad Season 6 Release Date.

Breaking Bad Season 5 Recap

Breaking Bad Season 6 Release Date

In the last episode of season 5 or the finale episode of the series we see that selling crystal meth actually panned out for Walter and he made close to 9 million dollars. He saved up that money and asked his longtime friends to give it to his son when he is of age. Even after all the money saved up Walter develops a taste for this job and now starts working for just the fun part and not with the need to save. While he was doing this he gets shot at his lab and dies from it glancing around his lab.

Ever since then fans have felt what can be best explained by the word void. An emotional void. The reason being that even after Walter’s story ended, they still wanted to see what happens to the supporting cast. What does his son d with the money when he is of age? What happens to Jesse? How and will he ever find out about all the secret saved up money of Walter?

To answer these questions as the fans were taking social media platforms by storm the creators decided to make a movie which was released in 2019 and is called El Camino. People loved the movie. The movie picks up the story from where it was left in season 5. Walter has died and they showed us the aftermath of the same. But even though the movie solved many cliffhangers it just made people more hungry to see the show return.

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Breaking Bad Season 6 Release Date

Everybody believed that this movie was actually an arrow pointing to where the story is headed now and that it shall be continued further. Well, the good news is that through various media reports it has been indicated that a season 6 might actually be in the cooking.

No one has confirmed it but popular resources believe that as the show has amassed a huge following which did not die even after 8 years since the series has ended the creators see real potential in a season 6 are talking about it.
So, hold tight and keep a track of all the updates. It is believed that if the rumors are true that show shall be aired somewhere in late 2022.

By the time you wait for that you can rewatch the series or the movie or can also watch the show’s spin off called Better Call Saul. The series seems to be doing pretty good on its own as it has already been stretched out to 5 whole seasons and fans seems to love it.


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