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Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8 Release Date Latest Updates

We are here with exciting news about one of the most popular shows, Britain’s Most Evil Killers. The audience who has been constantly watching the show for the past 7 seasons, can expect the release of Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8 on air soon. This famous show is run on Sky TV currently.

It seems that audiences have gone crazy for the release of every new season. Since Season 7 of Britain’s Most Evil Killer is almost coming to an end, the audience is anticipating another power-packed performance with the upcoming season 8. If you are also among those, then here we have got you covered with everything you need to know:

Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8 Release Date

Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8 Release Date

As we have mentioned above, all seven seasons of the series were a massive success, and the reason behind its success was the true crime elements added to the overall plotline of the franchise.

Well, there are a lot of rumors floating when it comes to new and eight-season arrival! And the show has caught massive attention from the audience throughout the seasons. If you have been reading this then you might be among those fans who must be bugging thinking what will be the possibility of the renewal.

So, if you ask us! On the safer side we can say that the show has not been canceled but on the unsafer side, it’s been also clear that there is no such renewal confirmation revealed from the showmakers or the cast. So, regarding the release, we would suggest you to hold on your patience and not believe in any other publication which falsely claims any release details. If there is anything confirmed we will make sure to update you regarding it.

Name of the Show/MovieBritain’s Most Evil Killers
Season/ Part/ Episode NumberSeason 8
Season 1 Release Date2 March 2017
Season 8 Release DateNot announced

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About Britain’s Most Evil Killers

There might be few readers who might not be aware of the series, so don’t worry here we have got you covered with a small glimpse of information that covers details about what this series is all about and what will you get to see if you start binge watching this series right away.

These series have become one of the audience’s favorite series. Britain’s Most Evil Killers has become a program with 7 seasons. It is directed by a dedicated director, Llyod Thomas. The producers of Britain’s Most Evil Killer are Jinal Patel as well as Kate Beal. The series is the creative work of the well-famous Nick Mavroidakis.
Britain’s Most Evil Killers is a series that has elements of Documentary and Crime hand in hand. The very first episode of Season 1 was aired on 2nd March 2017 and also to date the last episode was aired on the 1st Nov 2022. The release of the Season 8 is still in pipeline. The audience has huge expectations and they are extremely excited about the release of the New Season.

The show is based on true crime events which happen in Britain. The events are narrated by Fred Dinenage. The season started in 2017 and looks into the cruelest and most brutal serial killers being sent to Prisons in England for more than 3 decades, which means more than 30 years.


The show got 7.4 ratings out of 10 on IMDb. Check the analytical data below for the same show:

Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8 – FAQs

How many series of Britain’s Most Evil Killers are there?

As of now, you can watch and enjoy a total of seven seasons with true crime storylines in Britain’s Most Evil Killers. If you are thinking to watch the show right now, then you can go ahead and watch the series on platforms like Sky Network, NowTV, and Roku.

What is the IMDb Rating of Britain’s Most Evil Killers?

IMDb rating has been considered one of the most trusted move aggregators. If you look at the IMDb rating for Britain’s Most Evil Killers, currently, the audience has given it an overall rating of 7.4 out of 10 which is a positive rating.

Will there be a Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8?

As we mentioned above, as of now there are no such updates about the renewal or release of Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8, but soon as things get confirmed we will let you know first.

Who is the evilest killer in the UK?

If we go with the plotline followed in the true crime-based Britain’s Most Evil Killers, we can say that Peter Sutcliffe gets the place for being the evilest killer in the UK. He has been claimed to kill around 13 victims in 5 years.

Is there any trailer for Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8 released?

There is no renewal or confirmation revealed by the showrunners for the arrival of Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8, so it’s too far to think about whether is there any trailer revealed or not.

Will Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8 renew? And if it does when will it release?

The renewal for Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8 completes depends on the showrunners as well as the broadcaster for the show, Sky Network. If both of them agree on a new season, then soon we might see an official announcement being made. Talking about the release date, as of now, it’s hard to predict but if the series gets a renewal this month or even next month, then we can predict Britain’s Most Evil Killers Season 8 release to happen in late’s 2023 or early’s 2024.

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