Close Enough Season 3 Release Date and Updates!

Today, not only children but adults also love to watch cartoons or animated sitcoms. They love this due to its unique plot. Close Enough is one of the adult animated series sitcoms developed by J. G. Quintel, Matt Price, Sean Szeles, and Calvin Wong. The show was created by J.G. Quintel. The first season has eight episodes and the second season also consisted of eight episodes only.

The show has gained massive popularity among the audiences and fans and received lots of love from them. It has even been praised by critics and has average ratings on various social platforms.

Close Enough Season 3 Release Date

Taking into account, the popularity of the show and its fanbase, HBO Max would want many more seasons of the show. The fans of the show are waiting for the next season of Close Enough. If you are one of those fans of Close Enough, you clicked on the right article. So, keep reading this article till the end. We will give you all the information related to season 3 of Close Enough that you need to know. Fans would be so excited to know that season 3 of the show was announced even before the release of season 2. Bill Oakley announced that the cartoon was picked for the third season and the release date of the second season together in one of his tweets.

However, the release date of the third season of the show is not announced yet. It is expected that fans would not have to wait much longer now although we still don’t know when will the shoe will release. As per our expectations, the third season of the Close Enough might release somewhere around the fall of 2023.

Close Enough Season 2 Release Date25 February 2021
Close Enough Season 2 End Date25 February 2021
Close Enough Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet

Close Enough Season 3 Story

Close Enough Season 3 Release Date
Close Enough

The story of the show revolves around a couple called Emily and Josh along with their young daughter, Candice who lives with their divorced friends, Bridgette and Alex in Los Angeles. They are trapped in a situation that seems like a normal household situation but it tends to escalate in sci-fi ways. The first season started with Josh and Emily discussing their daughter’s project with her teacher and Emily developing a hobby of visiting open houses. Candice goes for a sleepover giving the night alone to the couple and the couple started building errands and it ended with Pearle becoming suspicious of a cold case. The second season ended with Emily and Bridgette writing an ironic song about misogyny. We don’t have any information about the plot of the third season yet.

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Close Enough Season 3 Characters

Close Enough Season 3 Release Date
Close Enough

The main characters of the show include Joshua Josh Singleton who is an aspiring video game developer, Emily Ramirez who is Josh’s wife and also works as an assistant for a food corporation. J. G. Quintal and Gabrielle Walsh have given their voice to these characters. Alex Dorpenberger is Josh’s best friend and is a Professor at a community college. He is also Bridgette’s ex-husband and Bridgette is Emily’s best friend and she is Japanese- American Social Media Influencer. He works as a comedy singer and songwriter as her part-time job with Emily and her middle name was revealed to be No Stress. Pearle Watson is a retired cop and Randall Randy Watson is Pearle’s adopted son. The recurring characters of the show include Jojo, Dante, Trish, Dr. Glandz, Mr. Salt, and Mr. Timothy Campbell.

Close Enough Season 3 Trailer

The makers of the show or the OTT platform have not uploaded the trailer of the third season of the show on YouTube yet. They might upload it around the release date of the show. However, the trailer of the second season of the show is still available on YouTube. In case, you want to take a look at it, you can click on the link given above. You will be able to watch the trailer of the second season of Close Enough. If you liked the trailer and found the plot of the show very interesting and wish to stream the whole show, it is available on HBO Max. Let us know what did you think of the show in the comment box and we will be back soon. Happy Watching!

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