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Drag Race Italia Season 3: No Updates Are Available About The Release Date!

There are a lot of people out there who love watching reality shows. Reality shows are enjoyed by people not only because they are very entertaining but also because the way contestants, take up challenging tasks and make every effort to do their best inspires people.

One such reality show with a very interesting format is Drag Race Italia. It is a television series based on the American series RuPaul’s Drag Race. It is the Italian edition of the Drag Race franchise and has been produced by Ballandi Arts Studios.

The series premiered in 2021 and has two seasons. The fans of this show are eager to know about the release of season three. So if you also landed here searching for some genuine information about season three, then you are at the right place!

 Drag Race Italia Season 3 Release Date

The first season of this series premiered on November 19, 2021, and went on till December 23, 2021. The second season premiered on October 20, 2022, and is still ongoing.

Now since season two is ongoing, it is very obvious that the shooting of season three has not even started and therefore nothing can be said about the release date of season three. So, unfortunately, we have nothing available yet about season three but hopefully, as soon as season three ends, we might have some information or some announcements about season three from the makers.

So, in nutshell, there is no information available about season three and we will have to wait for season two to end.

Name of the Show Drag Race Italia
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreReality Competition
 Drag Race Italia Season 1 Release Date18 November 2021
 Drag Race Italia Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
 Drag Race Italia Season 3 Overview

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Drag Race Italia Season 3 Story

Since this is a reality show, it does not have a story, it has a format. The Italian reality competition is based on the American series RuPaul’s Drag Race, and is the Italian edition of the Drag Race franchise. The format of this series is also the same as other reality shows on the Drag Race franchise. The reality show features a crop of Italian drag queens who are doing their best while they compete for the title of “Italia’s Next Drag Superstar”. The winner of the show gets rewarded by becoming a MAC Cosmetics ambassador for one year.

The series is hosted by some very popular faces like the Italian drag queen Priscilla, actress Chiara Francini and television personality Tommaso Zorzi. The appearance of these popular, well-known celebrities makes the show a lot more fascinating to watch.

The winner of the first season was Elecktra Bionic while the runner-up was Farida Kant Le Riche. There were total contestants. The winner got rewarded with the title of one-year brand ambassador for MAC Cosmetics, a crown and scepter from Fierce Drag Jewels, and the title of Italia’s first drag superstar.

The winner of the second season is yet to be known because the season is ongoing.

The format of seasons one and two have remained the same and it is likely to remain the same for season three as well. Well, what season three beholds for us will be known only when its making starts and we get some updates from the makers. Till then, we will have to wait and enjoy watching season two.

Drag Race Italia Season 3 Cast

 Drag Race Italia Season 3 Release Date

Since this is a reality show, there are no fictional characters, all are real contestants. All are real people in this series who appear as themselves on the show. The contestants keep changing every season but the judges have remained the same for the first and the second seasons.

The panel of judges consists of Priscilla, Chiara Francini, and Tommaso Zorzi. They are likely to remain in season three as well but some changes are always expected and we cannot say anything about season three yet.

Drag Race Italia Season 3 Trailer

Trailers are available for seasons one and two only. No trailers are available for season three yet because season two is still ongoing and has not finished yet. The making of season three has also not even started because season two is still being telecasted. To watch the trailers of season three, the fans of this show will have to have patience for some time, at least, till season two finishes and the making of season three starts.

Where To Watch Drag Race Italia Online?

The fans of this series can watch it on WOW Presents Plus. Both seasons of this series are available for streaming on this platform. The viewers, therefore, will have to have access to this streaming platform to watch the series. Whenever season 3 releases, it is also going to be available on the same platform for streaming.

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