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Frozen Surface Season 2 Release Date: Cast, Plot, Trailer!

The crime-thriller drama Frozen Surface is a recent addition to the uncommon genre that can be found in Chinese dramas, and it keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Chinese dramas frequently feature ancient and costume dramas that are combined with made-up fantasy tales, martial arts, and time travel.

Obviously, Mystery and crime films are quite uncommon since romance and adolescent dramas are produced so frequently.
A fantastic ensemble surrounds the three leads in the crime-suspense thriller Frozen Surface, Chen Jianbin, Hu Jun, and Deng Jiajia.

Frozen Surface Season 2 Release Date 

Since the last episode airing on January 19, 2024, Season 1 will consist of 12 episodes.

Thus, there is no information available on the status of the second season’s renewal or the confirmed dates for it. 

Since the program hasn’t been given the go-ahead or been accepted for a second season, fans will have to wait some time to learn about it.

Story of Frozen Surface Season 2 

In the play, a crime that happened in the tiny city of Lanhe in the northeast is told. Despite several disputes and internal politics, Guan Yu, the commander and chief of Lanhe’s police force, and his colleagues strive to find the truth and uphold justice.

Three people are killed in a bizarre and terrible murder that takes place in the little hamlet of Lanhe; each person’s cause of death varies. Guan Yu is in charge of this peculiar case, and he and his team are conducting the inquiry.

One of the suspects is Yang Si, a former prisoner who was freed two months ago; others include Yang Si’s stepson, who may have some connection to Yang Xuesong and Wang Ping, Yan Hongqiao’s deceased spouse, and an enigmatic man who was recorded as dead years ago.

It is reasonable to assume that Guan Yu will oversee a distinct team in a separate small town in high-profile estimation instances. If the show is renewed for a second season, additional actors and characters may provide even more drama and excitement.

Several killings or bizarre events involving drugs and illicit activity might increase the drama’s suspense factor.

Recap of Frozen Surface Season 1

Former soldier Guan Yu has solved several cases and crimes with his quick wit, cunning, and genius.

He stands out for his combination of cerebral and physical abilities, which enable him to solve issues swiftly and completely. He went from being a police officer to being the captain of the Lanhe Criminal unit as a result of his fearless demeanour and audacious approach to solving several cases.

Following his promotion to captain of the criminal police, Guan Yu’s physical state deteriorated even worse. Guan Yu was put in jeopardy following the 1223 major case. The dark hand of evil continues to remain buried beneath the ice despite pressure from time, authority figures, and the death of loved ones and allies.
Can Guan Yu stand up the context of justice and the flame of hope in the face of this particular instance with several connected and linked cases?

Cast of Frozen Surface Season 2 

The cast of Frozen Surface Season 2 is as follows- 

  1. Deng Jia Jia
  2. Chen Jian Bin
  3. Hu Jun
  4. Chen Jing Ke
  5. Lu Hong
  6. Wang Guang Yuan
  7. Yu Yang
  8. Zhao Jian

Where to Watch Frozen Surface Season 2 

The Frozen Surface Season 2 will be available to watch on WETV. Users from across the world may also view it with English subtitles and other languages added as needed on the official WeTv and TencentVideo YouTube accounts. 


Where to Watch Frozen Surface Season 2?

Nearly users from across the world may also view it with English subtitles and other languages added as needed on the official WeTv and TencentVideo YouTube accounts. 

What is the cast of Frozen Surface Season 2?

The cast of Frozen Surface Season 2 is as follows- Deng Jia Jia, Chen Jian Bin, Hu Jun, Chen Jing Ke, Lu Hong, Wang Guang Yuan, Yu Yang and Zhao Jian

When is Frozen Surface 2 releasing? 

Moreover, Frozen Surface 2 is expected to release soon. 

What is the expected season 2 release date? 

Season 2 is expected to release in 2025. 

Is this show worth watching? 

Yes, this show is worth watching. It is highly appreciated by the critics.


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