Future Diary season 2 Release Date and Recap

The future diary had been amongst the most loved anime and otaku world. It’s almost been 10 years and even now the most recent viewers are wondering whether the show will ever return. Future diary is also known as Mirai Nikki that has been written by Sakae Esuno. The Anime made its debut in the year 2011 and was first aired in Japan. Serialised by Kodakawa Shoten’s Shonen Ace Magazine devar total of 12 volumes that were published in the magazine, the first volume was published in the year 2006 and the rest of the volumes came into light by the year 2010. Let’s get straight into the details about the Anime future diary and whether it will ever make a return in its season 2.

Future diary season 2 release date

If you have just watched the Anime and feeling that the story was incomplete there is a slight news for you. Ben 10 season 1 ended with the major cliffhanger the makers decided to make a OVA episode to make thr audience feel completely satisfied. The final episode 8 in the June 2013 that was a lot later than the season 1 first episode premiered. The show made itself quite popular and in fact after the global outreach through Netflix future diary has become fue peoples most beloved anime.

Future diary season 2 has been officially cancelled as the story was complete already in the previous season and there is no source material available at the moment. this means future diary will never make a return on any platform.

Future Diary Season 2 Release Date
Future Diary Season 2 Release Date

Will future diary ever return ?

Although there is a slight chance after the release of season 1 on Netflix as it gained a global outreach and recently is again into the community talk. It is quite possible that the writer might again start writing this story from where he left it off not only this it might be a spin-off movie as well. As you might want it’s the beloved audience to be awaited for a long time.

Although the makers have announced nothing in official words and it is quite possible that something might be announced sooner or later this year. But the chances are extremely low but as we have seen in the otaku world when we leave any expectation behind there is something new to surprise us. The same might happen with the future diary season 2 as well.

Future diary season 1 Synopsis

If you’re about to hear the story for the first time I am sure that you will love it to the floor of your heart. The stories a lot 14-year-old boy yukiteru Amano. He is a shy guy who keeps on writing the events happening around his life on his smartphone. But one day something strange happens as his only friend deus ex machina transforms yukiteru’s mobile into something that he never imagined. Now the smartphone has become a future-telling machine that has the capability to predict the future to the nearest 90 days.

Who wouldn’t love a smartphone that has the capability to depict the future? Things take a turn when Yukiteru understands that he is in between a game that has been laid off by his beloved friend or god Deus. The sole motive of the game is to eliminate other people who have the same ability to see the future. Now in total, there are about 11 participants who have the same future diary in the hands amongst which there is also a friend of yukiteru. But that friend is nothing normal because he had been stocking yukiteru from school days and he is of a psychopathic nature. Now you can understand 11 people who have their ability to see the future and in a fight zone. There is a lot of requests that will be happening after this story precedes and various abilities of the future diary are exposed.

Future Diary Season 2 Release Date

Now if you are a fan of futuristic Anime future diary is a perfect choice and I must suggest that this anime is among the best anime which I have watched in the past few years. Although there is no update about this season 2 if you have just watched this season 1 on Netflix you can watch the final episode that was released after 2 years which has all the clip hangers solution. We hope the makers start working again on the future diary season 2 as there is a lot of hype that has been caused after its global release on Netflix.

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