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Generation Hustle Season 2 Release Date: What We Know

Generation Hustle is a documented series about people who have jostled their way to wealth, fame, and power, sometimes by frauding other people.

The first episode, directed by Yon Motskin, relates the narrative of fraud in which someone mimicking Wendi Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife, and others would lure photographers, screenwriters, and presenters to come to Indonesia on their own cash to be a part of a grandiose project.

How might you feign power, renown, and fortune? GENERATION HUSTLE follows outstanding and audacious younger marketers that employ foxy and ingenuity to pull off the most outrageously innovative high-stakes gambles of the new millennium, featuring absurd, high-stakes testimony.

Each of the ten stand-alone episodes in the docuseries uncovers the antics of overzealous marketers who may have long since gone astray. This beautiful and occasionally hilarious compilation investigates the no-holds-barred pursuit for wealth and status in the age of social media, combining true-crime capers and human studies with fresh, polished testimonials of fakes, imposters, and unapologetic ambition.

Generation Hustle Season 2 Story

Generation Hustle
Generation Hustle

The main episode is titled “Hollywood Con Queen.” A scam artist impersonates a high-profile Hollywood producer in order to swindle younger aspirants. “The Party’s Over” is the title of Generation Hustle’s second episode. Ian Brick decides to pursue a career as a live performance promoter, hoping to be reintroduced to Earth via the FBI.

Jeremy Wilson uses his accurate appearance to deceive people all across the world through seduction, deception, and cheating and is well known for being caught by a cop in New York City. The fourth episode of Generation Hustle FB is “Anna Delvey Takes Manhattan,” in which a younger woman, Anna Sorokin, assumes the role of Anna Delvey, a glamorous German heiress.

As she tucks a high-priced vacation invoice into her pocket. The fifth episode of Generation Hustle is titled Cult of We Work. We Work, based on Adam Neumann’s work, persuades people to join it, grows multi-folds, and then crashes.

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Generation Hustle Season 1 Recap

 Generation Hustle TV Series
Generation Hustle TV Series

The sixth episode of Generation Hustle is titled “Baekeland.” William Baekeland, a younger man with a lot of charms, uses it to get on the good side of wealthy international travelers in order to steal their money. The seventh episode is titled “Frat Boy Ponzi.” Syed Arbab starts a hedge firm using money raised from fellow students, alumni, and overabundant schoolmates.

Later, after a market collapse, the feds close in on him. “Prince of Fraud” is the title of Generation Hustle’s eighth episode. Anthony Gignac poses as a Saudi royal prince in order to sample the better aspects of life.

“The Alabama Exit” is the title of Generation Hustle’s ninth episode. Kyle Sandler, a self-described Google alum, visits Opelika, Alabama, with the goal of transforming the city into the east’s Silicon Valley. People begin to invest in his ideas, and the Round House business incubator emerges. “A Scam with a Beat” is the title of Episode 10 of Generation Hustle. Teejayx6, a teenage rapper, has struck a deal with Americus Records on a wire deal.

Generation Hustle Season 2 Release Date

As far as we know, none of the show’s creators have announced anything regarding season 2 yet. Season 1 on HBO Max received a lot of positive feedback from the audience; therefore we may expect season 2 to be announced soon. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and see if we hear something soon.

A self-described Google alum, bursts into the tiny town of Opelika, Alabama, to launch the Round House business incubator, promising to turn it into the East’s Silicon Valley. Round House investors are left wondering if Kyle is who he claims to be, or if his promises were based on lies.

A kid reinvents himself as a con artist, teaching others how to con through his music. When his music takes off, the master of deception gets a record deal with one of America’s top labels before he is 20. However, as Teejay rises in the ranks, the stakes in real-life rise as well.

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