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Has Arlo Had Revealed His Face? Who Is Behind The Mask?

Being a personality under a mask is not a new thing at all. But this tactic works for some and does not for others. One of the personalities for whom this idea worked incredibly well is, Arlo. You might all know this celebrity if you love games and anything related to games. Arlo since 2014 has been a content creator on YouTube who makes content on games in the form of reviews, sketches, and news. He has intrigued the audience, viewers and his fans always regarding his real self. And we are here with this article to explore this intriguing topic, Has Arlo Had Revealed His Face?

He is a blue puppet with a happy-go vibe who does not believe in controversy but rather believes in entertaining people and making them happy in any way possible. He is known to have his birthday on Halloween. His main YouTube channel consists of 491+videos and over 500,000 subscribers. He has stood as one of the tough competitors to several other YouTubers in the gaming industry.

When we talk about such masked characters, one question that immediately strikes our mind is, who is behind that mask? Who is the real person? How does he look? And what not. You all must be having the same questions right. Especially the ones who have been loyal followers of Arlo. If, Yes then let me give you good news that you are going to get a positive response from this page. As this page is all about Arlo and his face reveal. And if you want to know more about the fun-loving blue puppet then we will serve you with that too. The only thing that you have to do is to scroll down and read to unveil the answers to all the questions.

Has Arlo Had Revealed His Face?

Has Arlo had revealed his face

Arlo in reality has never revealed his face officially and publicly. However, his real face is no more a secret. Want to know who it is? Well, the real person behind the puppet is none other than a young, budding YouTuber known by the name Jaggy. We might not be getting to see the face reveal anytime soon because the blue puppet face is the main USP of the channel and its popularity but then the person behind the disguise is no more a secret.

Jaggy is believed to be Arlo because he was seen with the blue puppet in several conventions. Not just that the fans were quick enough to point out the personalities and similarities that both the puppet and Jaggy share. They share same kind of voice and comic delivery making this even more believable that Jaggy is the man behind Arlo. We cannot be 100 percent sure until Arlo reveals his face himself but based on his appearances and similarities it is not wrong to think that Jaggy is for the time being Arlo.

Who Is Arlo?

Has Arlo had revealed his face

Arlo also called Arlo Stuff is a blue puppet and popularly a gaming YouTuber. He is one of the most famous YouTubers of the time. He talks and gives opinions on games, consoles, and systems. He makes and shares video sketches, gaming news, and, reviews. His career began on YouTube on November 13, 2014. He does not have one or two channels but a total of four YouTube channels apart from his main channel with a large number of subscribers.

He is not just a gamer but also hosts a podcast that invites two guests every week. He is a personality who spreads happiness and positivity through his videos and content. He can be seen being optimistic when he is talking and engaging with the game because it is his favorite thing to do. He does not shy away to talk about the bad sides of the games in any way.

But then as said earlier, he tries to make people happy with his videos and thus talks more on the good side, or if talking about the cons he will make sure that his approach is not too negative or harsh but also serves the purpose. We might never come to see his face reveal ever but one thing is sure we will never stop getting entertained by this character because of his witty side.

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Who Is YouTuber Jaggy?

Has Arlo had revealed his face

Youtuber Jaggy goes by the real name of Jaggy Termas. He has a YouTube channel that has been inactive since 2019. The channel has 1.62k subscribers. He is the real face behind Arlo. He used to make videos on pop culture and its trends in a satirical way. His description said that he makes “funny humorous topical crazy pop culture” videos. He is the person who is believed to be the main man behind his mask of Arlo. Though Arlo has never been revealed officially on his channel or otherwise but Jaggy has been seen carrying the puppet with him.

This indeed leads the fans to speculate that he might be the real puppet. In fact, once he was asked by one of the fans that are Arlo to which he responded that Arlo does editing for him sometimes. He is quite inactive and this may be because he has to manage Arlo’s 5 YouTube accounts which are becoming popular day by day and has made a name in the gaming world. In terms of his personal life, no information is available anywhere as he has been quite private about his personal and early life. There is no information regarding his family, friends, or other such information that can give an insight into his life.

Arlo Net Worth


In terms of the net worth of the famous fun-loving gamer, cum puppet is not available but the blue puppet named Arlo is estimated to have a net worth of more than $381,000 because of his popularity which is rising rapidly with every passing day. As per reports, his monthly income from just AdSense is around $6000.

If the sponsorships and endorsements are added then you can easily imagine his net worth and his earnings. He even makes money from the sale of his merchandise which is quite popular. His social media also accounts for his income which adds to his net worth. His fanbase, likes, subscription, sponsorships, and endorsements are the contributor to his net worth.

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Arlo’s Personal Life

In terms of his personal life, no information is available because the character is always sharing opinions and information related to games. Also, it is obvious to know about his personal life until made by the man behind the mask.

Arlo’s Career


The YouTuber puppet apart from reviewing games, and systems, giving opinions, and sharing news on games also has a considerably good follower base on his social media platforms where he shares funny and engaging pictures and posts. He even participates in various activities that he shares on his social media account keeping his followers entertained.

He has a verified account on Twitter where he has a huge fanbase. He keeps all his social media platforms cheerful, filled with good vibes, enthusiastic and engaging. He neither fails to amaze on screen nor off-screen. He has worked with Lockstin from Gnogging and has made an appearance in The Mo Show. He also had an event titled after his name Arlopalooza in 2017.

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Arlo’s Age

One of the most burning questions about gamer Arlo is his age. Sadly, it is unknown to us just like you all and as we mentioned earlier the only thing that is known is his birthdate which falls on October 31 and not the year. His age is not the real factor till his content is true and enjoyable.

Recently Arlo has been taking long hiatus between his episodes which is actually understandable considering his workload to manage 5 channels together. However, whenever he appears with his videos they are never disappointed in any way. He makes sure that his fans are never left sad because of his videos. Since his videos are posted after some break, he makes sure that he is engaging with his fans on social media like Twitter and Instagram through his funny and exciting posts.

Watching live cartoon characters is always fun for all ages because it gives something new to experience and an escape from mundane busy life. One is never too old to enjoy characters like these who can make you happy effortlessly. Thanks to YouTubers like this who take us to another world due to their disguise and give us some relaxing moments where everyone can smile, laugh, and feel good amidst all the hustle and bustle. We do not know when Arlo will reveal himself but the question that pesters many including me is, whether the fun will remain the same after he reveals himself?

Will we see Arlo with the same perception and views as we are seeing him now, Will he have the same effect after revealing himself that he is having now? Will he be able to connect with us with the same joy and cheerful nature that he is capable of now? Well, these questions can only be answered once he reveals himself for real and confirms our speculations.  

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