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High School DxD Season 5 Release Date: Still No Official Announcement!

High School DxD is an anime series that has been adapted from the light novel of the same name by Ichiei Ishibumi. The series premiered in 2012 and 4 seasons have been released so far.

The series has a very interesting concept that wonderfully captivated the attention of the viewers. The viewers had lavished a lot of appreciation for the four seasons of this series and they have been waiting for a very long for the release of season 5.

High School DxD Season 5 Release Date

High School DxD Season 5 Release Date

The first season of the series was released in 2012 and the fourth season was released in 2018. As far as the release date of season 5 is concerned, there is No Official Announcement regarding that as of now, but it is expected that it will release sometime in 2023.

So we might expect the exact release date of season 5 sometime in 2023 and the release is also most likely to happen in the same year. But again, nothing is confirmed yet.

High School DxD Season 5 Story

The story of the series is about Kuoh Academy which was an all-girls school previously and has recently turned co-ed. The twist is that the school has a secret! Normal humans are not aware that fallen angels, angels, and devils are also a part of the school population.

One of the school students Issei Hyodo is a normal second-year human student who one day gets asked out on a date by a girl, Yuma Amano. After the date, Yuma brings Issei to a park and requests him to die for her. She comes in her true form Raynare, who is a fallen angel, and tries to kill him. After Issei is killed, Rias Gremory, a third-year student revives him with the help of a summoning card.

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The next morning Issei wakes up thinking the events of the previous day are a dream. He gets attacked by another fallen angel and after he wakes up, he sees Rias who is in his room naked. Revealing her true identity, Rias says to Issei that she is a devil and tells him that because of his death at the hands of Yuuma, he has been reincarnated by her as a devil and has also made him her faithful servant.

Season 5 is likely to take the plot forward from where it ended. For more precise information about the plot, we will have to wait for the trailers to release so that we can make some estimates about how the plot is going to move forward in season 5.

High School DxD Season 5 Characters

High School DxD

Yuki Kaji voiced the character of Issei Hyoudou, the main character of the series. Jamie Marchi has voiced the character of Rias Gremory. Yoko Hikasa is voicing the character of Rias Gremory and Azumi Asakura is voicing the character of Asia Argento. Lauren Landa is voicing Xenovia and Shizuka Ito is voicing Akeno Himejima. Ayana Taketatsu is voicing the character of Koneko Toujou and Fumihiko Tachiki is voicing the character of Ddraig.

Kiba’s character is voiced by Sean O’Connor and Koneko’s character is voiced by Jad Saxton. Christopher Sabat is voicing the character of Ddraig and Kenji Nojima is voicing Yuto Kiba.

Risa Taneda is voicing the character of Xenovia. Chloe Daniels is playing Asia’s voice. Phil Parsons and Rikiya Koyama voice over Azazel’s character. Maaya Uchida and Kristi Kang are voicing Irina Shido.

Most of the characters are likely to remain the same in season 5. We might see an addition of new characters depending on the storyline.

High School DxD Season 5 Trailer

Since we mentioned above that there is nothing available yet about season 5, it is quite obvious that trailers for season 5 are also not available. We have trailers for all four seasons available but trailers of season 5, but we will have to wait until the exact release date is announced.

Where To Watch High School DxD Season 5?

High School DxD can be watched on Netflix and Funimation. Whenever season 5 releases, it will also be available on the same platforms. This means that the viewers will have to have access to these platforms to watch the series.

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