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If You Wish Upon Me Episode 12 Release Date Is Here!

If you Wish Upon Me, another beautiful and magical drama by Ji Chang Wook, if you are a fan of the popular and talented actor Ji Chang Wook then you must be watching If You Wish Upon me which is an ongoing Korean drama that got released on August 10, 2022. It is set to be over on 29 September 2022, you will definitely love this drama if you are a Sone, fandom name of Girls Generation because Girls Generation’s Sooyoung is the main female protagonist of this drama.

Fans are so happy to see these two in one frame because this is the second time Ji Chang Wook is working with a member of the Girls Generation. The last time he worked with Yoona in K2 made fans love their chemistry and now fans are enjoying the chemistry between Ji Chang Yook and Sooyoung.

Ji Chang Wook is such a fine actor who never disappoints us and his acting skills are beyond our imaginations, he has done so well in The Sound Of Magic, which is also a recent drama of him and fans really love and after watching that drama they wanted him to do another drama as soon as possible and as expected from him, he is back with If You Wish Upon Me and that too with our popular and talented Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper and Sub Vocalist of the evergreen girl group, Girls Generation, they also dropped their new song recently have you checked it out?

If you Wish Upon me is a slow but beautiful drama the storyline is so heartwarming and every episode is filled with life lessons and comfort.

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 12 Release Date

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 12 Release Date
If You Wish Upon Me

Watching Korean Dramas ongoing is a different kind of Torture that only K-drama fans know, as a K-drama lover am also well acquainted with this feeling but the thrill and fun you experience while watching an ongoing drama, you will never feel that while binge a K-drama and just like that the viewers of If You wish Upon Me are feeling right now, they are complaining why they have to wait for weeks to watch the upcoming episodes and I can relate to them.

Only ten episodes have been released so far making the fans curious to know and dig out more information about the upcoming episode. If You Wish Upon Me has 16 episodes out of which only 10 have been released that is why fans are curious to know the release date of the rest episodes and episode 12 is one of them.

It airs every Wednesday and Thursday which means the ninth episode got released on the 7th of September and the release date of the 10th episode is the 8th of September. This gives us an idea about the release date of episodes 11 and 12, so we can say that the next two episodes are going to be released next week. The 12th episode is ready to be released on 15th September 2022 which means we have to wait for a week now.

Name of the ShowIf You Wish Upon Me
Episode NumberEpisode 12
If You Wish Upon Me Episode 1 Release Date10 August 2022
If You Wish Upon Me Episode 12 Release Date15 September 2022
If You Wish Upon Me Episode 12 Overview

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 12 Story

We do not know the spoiler of episode 12 but we can guess, it will not be easy for us to guess as the preview for the 12th episode is not yet out and we do not have any particular idea about the 12th episode but I can confidently say that episode 12 will also give us a roller coaster ride of emotions and we will definitely love it, let’s wait for the preview of episode 12, we will keep you updated regarding this heart del Korean drama so do not forget to check our page daily.

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If You Wish Upon Me Episode 12 Cast

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 12 Release Date
If You Wish Upon Me

The topnotch cast of If You Wish Upon Me is Ju Chang Wook as Yoon Gyeo Rye, Sung Dong II as Kang Tae Sik, Sooyoung as Seo Yeon Joo, Pentagon’s Yeo One as Kwak Hyung Joon and many more are there, the star cast, the OSTs and the storyline penned by writer Jo Ryeong Soo are no joke.

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 11 Recap

The release date of episode 11 is September 14, 2022, which means it has not been released yet, so I can not give you the recap of episode 11 but I have witnessed the preview of episode 11 as the 10th episode got released recently, and the 11th episode is going to be more good and interesting and we can expect that many secrets will be revealed in episode 11, as we are coming near to the end of this drama, the episodes are getting more interesting.

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 12 Trailer

Unfortunately, the 11th episode is not yet out so we do not have the official preview of episode 12 but you can have a sneak peek of episode 8 above, you can watch the clip above and get some spoilers for the 8th episode if you have not seen it yet.

Where To Watch If You Wish Upon Me Episode 12 Online?

There are many popular and good streaming sites out there like VIKI, you can watch If You Wish Upon me there.

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