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Is Jackson Mahomes Gay? Find Out Now!

Jackson Mahomes is a name that you must have come across or heard if you are a Patrick Mahomes fan or are on TikTok. Jackson Mahomes, the social media rising star and the brother of NFL player Patrick Mahomes is one of those personalities who have has his fair share of hate, criticism, and praise. He has been in the limelight even more after he was seen on a video pouring water on Ravens fans who seemed to taunt him. But moving forward from this, Jackson is known to have a pretty humorous and entertaining personality that has gotten him a lot of followers and attention.

Born on May 15, 2000, the US star has been grilled for many reasons be it for living a luxurious life or for his voice and his videos. This brings us to the point that many have been accusing him of and making others wonder whether he is gay or not. So, read the article further to find out the real truth behind the whole fiasco that he has been going through for the longest time.

Is Jackson Mahomes Gay?

Is Jackson Mahomes Gay
Jackson Mahomes

Being a star is not easy and then being from a family of Super Bowl MVPs is more than one can imagine and dream of. But then, this fame does not come with all happy vibes and feels as if it is accompanied by rumors, assumptions, and a lot of other things that even overshadow the pros of fame. The same has been happening with Tik Tok star Jack Mahomes for a long time now and the rumor has stirred up again which is none other than, him being gay. He definitely has received a lot of love but the hate has not been any less. The truth however is that he is not gay. He in fact clarified the entire misunderstanding in his YouTube debut that he is straight and is attracted to women.

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Why Many Think Jackson Mahomes Is Gay?

Even though the sensational star has clearly stated on a public forum that he is straight, many still tend to impose the fact and assume that he is gay and the unbelievable reason for that is his voice and the dance videos that he shares on TikTok. The player has been asked many times and he has stated that this question hurts him and thinks that it is disrespectful to judge what people choose to be.

The biggest reason that the rumors are not dying about his sexuality is simply his voice and the player himself has shared that he feels insecure because of his voice and has been hating to hear himself. This in turn proofs that how many public figures have to go through and what can affect them. But to put all the things clearly, the truth is simple, Jackson Mahomes is not gay but he still continues to get hate, negativity, and homosexual jokes from people about his sexuality.

Jackson Mahomes’s Dating Life

Jackson is one of the most entertaining users on Tik Tok and is seen many times flirting with women at football games which also brings a question that whether he is really dating or not and who is the one he is dating. The whereabouts of his dating life are still under covers and unknown. He has yet to reveal or make statements about his relationship. The rumors however have been followed here as well and he has been much time linked with Brittany Matthews. But they are really good friends and enjoy each other’s company and the rumor especially died down after Patrick tied the knot with Brittany who has been his girlfriend for a long time.

Jackson Mahomes’s Personal Life

Is Jackson Mahomes Gay
Jackson Mahomes

The social media star after his graduation from Whitehouse High School joined the University of Missouri to study marketing. His family members include baseball player Pat Mahomes who is his father and Randi Martin his mother. We do not have to mention his brother, Patrick Mahomes as he is pretty well known to all the Super Bowl and Jackson’s fans and has a sister too. His social stardom started in 2016 and he got quite good attention in a short span of time. He now has a fan base of millions of followers on his Tik Tok where he makes dance and lip-syncs videos. He also has a channel on YouTube with a massive following. 

Jackson Mahomes’s Net Worth

Coming from the house of famous personalities, Jackson has not been left out alone in terms of money or spending. But the 22-year-old social star has made a net worth from himself through his following and posts. According to reports, it is assumed that he has a net worth that ranges between $69, 000 to 10 million roughly. The exact details of his net worth are yet not available but the assumptions have been around this range. This comes from not just his posts, but also his sponsorships and collaboration with brands. Jackson also owns his own apartment in Kansas where he puts up alone.

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