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Live Up To Your Name Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Should Know!

The network tvN is one of the trending networks of South Korean drama since it has one of the best collections of television series. With another beautiful Korean drama, tvN is back. Live Up Your Name television series has well-knitted genres of romantic comedy, historical drama, medical along with the fantasy. Yes! This is what Korean drama fans want. Critics gave a good rating to the series, IMDb rated 7.9 out of 10. The phenomenal storyline of the series is all about fighting family, power, history, money, love, and internal struggles, and striving for each one’s aspirations in life.

A South Korean historical drama television series Live Up To Your Name, was created by Studio Dragon. 

Kim Eun-hee wrote the television series whereas Hong Jong-chan directed the series. Moon Suk-hwan and Oh Kwang-hee are the executive producers of Live up your name and the company which produced the series is Bon Factory Worldwide. Season first of the television series premiered on August 12, 2017, along with 16 episodes. The same year on October 1, the television series concluded. The running time of each episode is roughly around 70 minutes. On tvN season one of the series debuted. The series has everything you would love to have in a drama.  Every Korean drama fan is waiting for the renewal of season 2 of this flawless series. When will the season be renewed? Is it renewed or canceled? Let’s read this article thoroughly, to know when season 2 will be released!

Live Up To Your Name Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of Live Up Your Name premiered on August 12, 2017, after the premiere of the television series it gained popularity among Korean drama fans. This amazing show should be watched by everyone. It has been almost 4 years since season 1 of the television series concluded. Until now there has been no movement by the creators of the series. Every single Korean drama fan is curiously waiting for the renewal of the series. All cast members of the series did a tremendous job to portray each character. And that is why it is one of the most popular series. Will there be any season 2? So luckily this series has not been canceled yet. So there are chances that it will come very soon. Let’s not lose hope. Maybe we’ll get to watch season 2 in 2022. What will be the plot for season 2? Let’s get to know the plot of season 2.

Live Up Your To Name Season 2 Story

Live Up Your Name Season 2 Release Date
Live Up Your Name

The plot of season 2 is not officially announced yet, because the show is not renewed. Whenever the show will be renewed, we will surely update you about the plot of season 2. So let’s see what was the plot for season one of this television series. The story revolves around a doctor of traditional Korean medicine named Heo Im, and he was quite famous in Joseon. But due to some circumstances, he found himself traveling in a modern world, which is almost 400 years from the Joseon era. And there he met a modern doctor, named Choi Yeon Kyung. But having a difference in mentality, methods, and of course priorities make them clash most of the time. This interesting plot is very fun to watch. This is one of the most recommended series by Korean drama fans.

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Live Up Your To Name Cast

Live Up Your Name Season 2 Release Date
Live Up Your Name

Who will be in season 2? Is there any cast list for season 2? So not yet, as season 2 is not renewed until now. There is no official cast list for season 2 of Live Up Your Name. However, let’s see the cast list of the previous season. The cast members are Heo Im / Heo Bong-tak by Kim Nam-Gil;  Choi Yeon-Kyung by Kim Ah-Joong; Yeon-i by Shin Rin-ah; Gisaeng by Lee Ga-Leong; Oh Ha-Ra by Roh Jeong-eui; Kim Min-Jae by Kim Sung-Joo; Heo Jun’s assistant by Byeon Woo-Seok; Yeon-i’s father by Jin Seon-kyu; Yoo Jae-ha by Yoo Min-kyu; Dongmakgae by Moon Ga-young; Yoo Sung-tae / Yoo Jin-oh by Kim Myung-gon; Heo Jun by Um Hyo-sup; Shin Myung-hoon by Ahn Suk-hwan; Yoo Chan-sung by Maeng Sang-hoon; Professor Hwang by Lee Dae-Yeon; Doo-chil by Oh Dae-hwan along with another phenomenal cast. 

Live Up To Your Name Season 2 Trailer

As season 2 of the television series Live Up Your Name is not renewed until now, there is no official teaser for it. We will surely update you about season 2 in the future. If you want to watch it, then it is available on Netflix.

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