Everything about Monsters Inc 3 and Monsters at work On Disney Plus

The monsters series has been a love at first sight kind of a movie, thay no one can ever forget. Initiating from the early 20’s the movie has always been a rock climber for it’s audience and why not the plot had so much to offer. The movies depicted a different perspective that very few People could have thought. There have been two monsters movies already launched and Monster inc 3 has already it’s hype going around the internet.

The monster inc first part was released in 2001 and that time was a huge deal breaker for the animation world. No one had seen such an incredible animated movies in their life infact the sequel to the monster inc part 2 in 2013 was too a movie that no one can easily forget. Now there are two more things coming up from the monster franchise, the first one being the monster inc 3 itself and the other is a television show that will air on Disney plus on 2nd of July 2021.

Monsters Inc 3 release date

The makers have not done a direct announcement for the movie, but it is set to be released by early 2022. As per Pixar, the plot has been finalized for the movie Monster inc 3, and production work is on its schedule. Pete Docter who has been the director of Monster inc revealed back in 2016 that the movie series will continue in the future and who knows one might be able to see monster inc 4 and 5 as well.

Monsters Inc 3
Monsters Inc 3

Earlier the movie was scheduled to be released in early 2021 but however, due to pandemics, the timeline has shifted towards early 2022.

What will be the plot of Monsters Inc 3

Remember Boo? Who wasn’t scared of Monsters? Those things will surely take a heads up in the Monster inc 3, moreover, the movie will be based upon adult scare. As compared to the last part the Mike and sully managed to win the game by scaring kids through the door. And became pretty famous all around, they both got a decent job and they were happy. Before they used to be a bunch of cry baby who was easily bullied by other monsters.

Monsters Inc 3 release date

Monster inc 3 will be tougher for the monster world as things will level up and scaring the adults will be the next task. Boo might be a part of the movie and both mike and sully will show their scare skills in a competition to others. There will be new characters as well in the villain roles who will be the competitor of mike and sully.

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Monsters at work release date

Monster inc Sequel is in making as well for Disney Pixar and in fact, the story will be based upon Tylor Tuckman. Who are a monster graduate and the timeline will majorly consist of his life and activities around him? Obviously, Mike and sully will be a part of the series too as without them how can Monster Inc be complete right?

For the fans there is a lot more to come from Pixar and in animation movies as Disney plus is growing itself at a massive pace and every other month we are witnessing movies that steal away the heart of the audience. Recently Pixar won an Academy Award at Oscars for the movie soul.

Monsters at work
Monsters at work

Monsters at work Sequel will release on 2nd of July 2021 on Disney plus. Here’s the official plot by disney –

The monsters at work will be a storyline that will take its place after mike and sully found out that laughter is 10x better than a scare. They both proceed to generate more energy for their world in comparison to before just by making kids laugh. A new character Tyler Tuskman graduates from the Monster university with the highest marks and later on discovers that scaring is nothing useful as Mike and Sully have found a new way to generate energy that is much easier and in abundance. Even making kids laugh is far better than struggling hard to make them scream. Tyler Tuskman will be given the voice-over by Ben Feldman.

Monsters at work trailer

Monsters at work has no official trailer as of now, but we do have a few first look and glimses that have been show in this video !

Monsters at work First look

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