Black Lagoon Season 4 Release Date Expectations!

Under the direction of Sunao Katabuchi Black Lagoon is a famous and successful Japanese anime series till now. This anime was adapted from the manga series written by Rei Hiroe and has released three series till now. The first two seasons were comprised of 13 episodes each. The co-production of this anime was done by Shogakukan. The series basically covers the story of a wealthy business person Okajima who was bored from his life due to no excitement. On April 200y the first season was aired on China TV then after 4 months in October, the second season was released. Then after a total of 11 years, the third season was released. The fan following of this series is more in English than in Japan. It has been a long year and there are no updates for the fourth season which is a kind of disappointment for the fans. The production was done under Madhouse Production. All the three seasons were product des under this studio. Do you know with all the three seasons there are so many OVA episodes that were released between the gap of the seasons to continue and connecting the story explain it in more depth? In this article, we have covered details about the Black Lagoon Season 4 release date and other updates.

Black Lagoon Season 4 Release Date

Rei Hiroe’s creation Black Lagoon has premiered its first season on April 9, 2006. The second season was released after a span of 4 months that is on 3 October 2006. The third season was released on 17 July 2010 after a total of four years. So by observing the release date pattern we cannot predict anything for season 4. The performance of this anime was fabulous. It was appreciated and earned a lot and lots of fans all over the work don’t only Japanese alone.

Talking about its visuals st some scenes the animation thing was not that cool as it can be and as it was expected. The fan following this anime has earned is something we can’t even explain in words. After a span of 11 years, people are still waiting and asking queries regarding season 4 release dates. We can expect the Black Lagoon’s season 4 release date around the end of 2022.

Though there is nothing has been announced regarding the release date of the fourth season. Even the makers didn’t make any comment regarding the next season. So still there are chances. Madhouse Studios also didn’t give any update till now . We are following the official pages and will update this section as soon as any update will be out.

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Black Lagoon Season 4 Characters

The maon characters of the anime will be continued in season 4 too.The main characters include Rokuro Okajima / Rock,Revy,Dutch,Benny,Balalaika,Boris,Mr. Chang.Shenhua.

black lagoon season 4  release date

Black Lagoon Season 4 Plot

The series revolves around the story of a wealthy businessperson Rokurpu Okajima. He was fulfilled with everything in his life but somewhere he was alone. He has no cheerfulness and excitement a normal person has in his life. He has nothing like that. Then once he went to Thailand and got kidnapped by a gang named Black Lagoon who had once had an agreement with Okajima and now kidnapped him to take revenge. He was very fed up with his boring business life and decided to start something exciting and joined the criminal world. So in the first three seasons, all this story was explored. Now in the season 4 plot, we can expect Okajima to face some stunts and action more I’m this criminal world which is something out of the box thing for him.

The first three seasons’ performance was tremendous. It was rated 8.05 and was got a rank of 135 on MAL. Well, there are but few sources to make the fourth season for this anime. But we can expect it if the makers change their minds.

There is a shortage of sources too as all the remaining kinds of stuff were created in OVA episodes. So their kind of low expectations for season 4 makes in.

black lagoon season 4  plot

Black Lagoon Season 4 Trailer

As there are nothing sources and confirmation about the release date. We will update this section as soon as any updates will be out and will officially announce them.If you havn’t watched the old season yet then do give it a watch on Hulu, Funimation.

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