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One Ordinary Day Episode 7 Release Date Updates

One Ordinary Day is a Korean Drama series, aired on 27th November 2021. It’s still airing. The series is a much-spoken topic among its fans. It is widely enjoyed by all. The K-drama is rated 8.3 from MDL (My Drama List).

The drama is full of thrill, mystery, crime, and murder. The gory atmosphere will surely give you chills. The runtime of the series is 60 mins. It’s available on ViuTV. 

As per the information, we could gather, the drama will have 8+ episodes. Now the million dollars question is, will there be a new episode coming anytime soon?  And when will it arrive? Will you get to see more of Kim Hyun Soo? 

Thou, fret not! I come bearing good news. 

Gear up guys the show is about to start. Scroll down for more.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

One Ordinary Day Episode 7 Release Date

Till now only 6 episodes have been released. Fans, especially K- drama fans are waiting for the next to appear soon. The show received a huge fan base just after the release of only a few episodes. It gained the interest of many crime lovers. 

So, is the most awaited episode getting aired? Well, drum rolls, please. Yes!!! It’s releasing. Episode 7 will air on 17th December 2021 at 8:30 pm. Only 4 more days to go. The countdown is on. Since it’s an active, ongoing season, the season will fully air. But it will take time. But don’t worry it will be a complete season. 

One Ordinary Day Episode 7 Story

One Ordinary Day Episode 7 Release Date
One Ordinary Day

After the release of the first episode, it has put fans on the edge on what will happen next. Curiosity is at its peak! That’s why fans are curious about the release date. And so are you on the page. 

This series will show that a new trial is being conducted. Further, it will be led by Soo Jin. This time after the hearing the lead, the case will be in Hyun Soo’s favor. But unfortunately, he couldn’t handle the emotion as he ends up becoming the prime suspect of the murder!!! Literally, no one is hearing his story and he ends up in the witness box. This changes everything.

What will happen after this? Will the two be able to overcome the obstacle? 

Watch the show, it will answer all your curiosity. 

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One Ordinary Day Episode 6 Recap

One Ordinary Day Episode 7 Release Date
One Ordinary Day

This series highlights what happens to Hyun Soo when he denies his charges. Earlier it was seen that he was afraid and fear was clear in his eyes. But now as he speaks during the trial, he is quite calm, confident, and is not afraid anymore. What changed?  

When questioned he speaks very firmly in the microphone. Everyone is anxious to hear what he will say. This episode particularly focuses on him. His attitude, behavior, what he says, and what happens next; is featured. It will also show the various roots the prosecutor and police take.

But what happens next, is for you to find out. Go and watch this thrilling series. I am sure you will get goosebumps.  

One Ordinary Day Season 1 Story

One Ordinary Day Episode 7 Release Date
One Ordinary Day

The drama explores the criminal system from a completely different perspective. It revolves around the life of two men who get entangled with the murder of a woman.

Kim Hyun Soo is a university student whose life gets haywire when accused of murder. Shin Joong Haan has barely passed law school and is quite eager to help him out.

But the main problem is, he is not quite qualified, will he be able to help? What will happen when their lives get entangled in this vicious crime case? Will they win? Or will they lose?

Go and watch this series available online. I am sure you will binge-watch right from the first episode. 

Go and watch the series on ViuTV.

That’s all folks! Happy Watch!

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