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Overgeared Chapter 98 Release Date And Spoilers!

Overgeared is a popular ongoing Korean fantasy VRMMORPG Light Novel series written by Park Saenal. Under the Mayu & Maru, Kakaopage currently serialises it. However the novel can also be found on various websites online. The English Version is being serialized on the Wuxiaworld by the official English publisher Wuxiaworld, and is currently being translated by the translator Rainbow Turtle.

The novel at the beginning seemed very similar to most of the novels belonging to this genre, however as the reader gradually navigates through the story it slowly reveals that there is more to it than that. The character development aspect forms the backbone of the story and it does the job pretty well.

The improvement in the author’s writing and the growth of the main character led to rapid changes in the point of view of critics. The entire story hasn’t been published yet. As of now it has 66 complete volumes and over 1421 chapters.

Overgeared Chapter 98 Release Date

The first chapter was published on December 8, 2014. However the English Version started being published on Wuxiaworld in October 16, 2017. The next chapter of the novel that is chapter 98 of Overgeared is expected to release on September 24, 2021.

Overgeared Chapter 98 Story

Overgeared Chapter 98 Release Date

Set in future Earth, the plot revolves around a virtual reality game called Satisfy, developed by the world’s top genius scientist Lim Cheolho and some of the other world-class scientists. And the economic impact of the game is enormous. We get to follow Shin Youngwoo, an unlucky guy in real life who is also stuck with carrying bricks in the game.

However his life took a drastic turn as his game character ‘Grid’ encounters the Northern End Cave for a quest, and in that place, he would find ‘Pagma’s Rare Book’ and become a Legendary Class Player. The character kicks off in the beginning as a timid, self centered guy. A guy who gets easily jealous of others and holds value for money only.

However as he proceeds on his journey and meets a lot of people, he gradually understands his position and the place where he actually is at. His character grows ffrom being self centered to a lot more deeper person with understanding regarding his surrounding. Ge grows both internally and externally as he proceeds on his journey which he began by using his class of a Legendary Blacksmith.

The reader could hardly recognize the MC at the later part if compared to him in the beginning. The difference is so drastic that it’s very hard believe that they are the same person. His growth is reflected upon his combat tactics as well as in his way of dealing with situations and people around him.

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