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Will There Ever Be Requiem Season 2 Release Date?

If you are supernatural shows fan then Requiem could be a series you should watch. The first season of Requiem was left many questions unanswered. The show basically revolves around supernatural forces and powers. It covers the story of a girl who tries to discover how and why her mother commits suicide after she receives a box filled with some press clippings about the disappearance. All of this happens in the town of Penllynith in Welsh, which is fictional. Directed by Mahalia Belo and written by brilliant writers, Blake Ayshford and Kris Mrska, this British show has gained great popularity all over the world.

It is a BBC original TV show but soon Netflix commissioned the show and Requiem was released on Netflix too. Currently, many BBC shows are trending on Netflix, and one of them is Requiem. There were many occasions in the show where we were left scratching our heads and wondering what happened. Since the first season of the show left many questions unanswered, fans are wondering when they could hear about season 2 of the show. We have done deep research on the show and here are all the details we know about the Requiem season 2 release date.

Requiem Season 2 Release Date

Requiem Season 2 Release Date

Before getting onto season 2 of the show first let’s compile up all the details we know about season 1 production. The first season of the show started its shooting in 2017 March but the show wasn’t released until February of 2018. The second most important thing is the show didn’t release the episodes one by one, all the episodes were aired at the same time on iPlayer, a BBC streaming service. This was the first time audience was able to see the show but Netflix commissioned Requiem in March 2018 with the full season. And now the audience worldwide can enjoy the show.

Many vocal minorities online expressed their desire to BBC to bring the second season of the show many times. But if I am completely honest, those views couldn’t change the mind of BBC and we still don’t have Requiem season 2 release date. Though there’s still a very great demand for season 2, the voice wasn’t heard by the original network.

Will There Ever Be Requiem Season 2?

Will there ever be Requiem Season 2

Several factors are required when a particular show is renewed. When Netflix commissioned the show they always wanted to bring a second season for the audience. But the most important thing you have to remember that the show is not Netflix original and is produced by BBC and Mew pictures.

So it all depends upon BBC and New pictures if they want to renew the show or not. The most common thing in BBC is that they do not renew a particular show very easily. If any of their show becomes very famous like Sherlock and Luther they take a very long break between each season. This is done mainly because of their lead actors involved in other professional works too. On the other hand, BBC produces a very large number of Web shows and movies every year. So they have to choose wisely which show they have to renew and which show they don’t want to.

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Requiem Season 2 Release Date

We are very sad to announce that all the questions that were unanswered in season 1 will remain unanswered only. Requiem starring Lydia Wilson will further not return for a second season. The streaming giant, Netflix has recently confirmed that there will be no second season for Requiem.

The main lead of the show mentioned in an interview that she always wanted to have a second half of the story. But she doesn’t think it’s possible now. She also mentioned that she also didn’t know what would happen in the second season. She didn’t even knew what they are planning for.

The official information has received that there will be no second season of the show and this is literally very heartbreaking for the audience. So, there will be no Requiem and season 2 release date for the fans.

Requiem Story

The show revolves around a woman, Matilda whose life is turned upside down after her mother commits suicide. She starts questioning her identity when she discovered a box. That box links her to a fictional Welsh town wherein in 1994 a toddler also got disappeared. She finally gets to know what her origin is. It is told in the story that Matilda whose real name is Carys was abducted by a cult. When she was young so that the cult could bring archangel into the world.

Further, it is revealed that Matilda was rescued but she found herself in a cult. When she was an adult so that she could save her stepbrother and could take over all those things. And the archangel slaughters all the members of the cult.

In the ending episode, we saw Matilda was recovering from her injury in the hospital but she was under the control of an archangel. Their goal was what was said in the first episode of the show. Their goal was fixed and it will forever be fixed and unknown. As we wouldn’t know what’s going to happen next.

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