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Sicario 3 Release Date & All Details Are Here!

Television series always entertain us but movies give us a different kind of joy. Sicario is a movie that has given us a lot of joy and enjoyment. “Sicario”, does this name sound familiar to you? Have you ever heard of this name? I am sure you must have heard about it and you are also very curious to know about it, you must be wondering how come I know about all this, if you did not know anything about Sicario then you would not come here, so without wasting your time let me jump to the main topic.

Sicario is a very popular American action movie that was released in the year 2015, it is directed by Denis Villeneuve and written by Taylor Sheridan and the producers of Sicario are Basil Iwanyk, Edward L. McDonnell, Molly Smith, Thad Luckinbill, and Trent Luckinbill. Its running time is 121 minutes and it was first released on September 18, 2015, in the United States and then it got released worldwide on October 2, 2015.

Sicario does not have only one part but it has gained so much popularity and love from the audience that the second sequel was released on June 29, 2018, which is known as Sicario: Day of the Soldado, it is written by Taylor Sheridan and directed by Stefano Sollima and produced by the same producers of the first part. Both parts have done so well, that the Box Office budget of the first part is $85 million and the Box Office budget of the second part is $75.8 million.

Sicario is considered one of the most popular movies and it has earned several titles, it was nominated in several categories at the 88th Academy Awards such as Best Original Score, Best Sound Editing, and Best Cinematography. It was not only nominated at the 88th Academy Awards but was also nominated at the BAFTA for several categories such as Best Film Music, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Cinematography, we can see that this movie has been nominated a lot for Best Cinematography category so this shows how aesthetic and mind-blowing its cinematography is.

Sicario 3 Release Date

Sicario 3 Release Date

Usually, it is common for a television series to have a second season or third season and so on but movies usually do not have sequels, the most important thing is that Sicario is a movie that has been a hot topic since the day it got released and fans want its third season. Will there be a third season too? The second season received a lot of positive response from the viewers and now they are waiting for the second season, you will be happy to know that the third season is in progress, it is confirmed that there will be a third season of Sicario and we can expect to see the third season very soon onscreen and its title is Sicario: Capos.

Name of the MovieSicario 3
Part NumberPart 3
GenreAction, Crime, Thriller
Sicario Release Date2 October 2015
Sicario 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Sicario 3 Overview

Sicario 3 Story

As of now, we can say that the story will continue from the ending of the second part of Sicario. Do you remember the ending part of Sicario part 2? The ending part showed how Alejandro got gunshot by a very young member of Miguel but he didn’t die, he survived the gunshot. We can expect to see many unanswered questions in the second part in the third part. Are you excited to see what kind of twist and turn we will get to see in the third season?

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Sicario 3 Cast

Sicario 3 Release Date

As of now, nothing has been finalized but we can expect to see the old faces in the new season. The cast of Sicario involves Emily Blunt as Kate Macer, Benicio Del Toro as Alejandro, Josh Brolin as Matt Graver, Victor Garber as Dave Jennings, Daniel Kaluuya as Reggie Wayne and many more are there.

Sicario 2 Recap

In the story of Sicario: Day of the Soldado the drug cartels are present at the border of US-Mexico, to take down the drug cartels the CIA agents try to come up with a risky plan, the CIA agents try to kidnap the daughter of the kingpin but what do you think will happen to them after accomplishing this risky mission? The way they planned to make their mission successful actually didn’t happen and much more trouble arises. If you have not seen the second part then you should watch it.

Sicario 1 and 2 Ratings

According to IMDb, the movie got ratings of 7.6/10 for its first part and on Rotten Tomatoes, it got a 92% audience score. But if we talk about its second part so, it was rated 7 out of 10 on IMDb and 62% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sicario 3 Trailer

Unfortunately, the trailer for the third season is not yet out but you can watch the trailer for the second part above. Have you seen the trailer for the first season?

Where To Watch Sicario 3 Online?

You can watch Sicario on Amazon Prime Video and we can expect to watch the third season there too.

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