The Silent Sea Season 2 Release Date is Announced

With the latest trailer of the Korean drama “ the silent sea”, season 1 is being a blast into the science fiction genre for the year-end, a story completely set into the future of the earth with catastrophic changes in the climatic condition, we see our homeland going through a deadly famine and the future of the earth depends upon a group of special forces who embark on a journey to the moon, with the cliff-hanging ending to the trailer, the audience can surely wait for the next season to drop soon. The series also seems to be an adaption from the 2014 short film “the sea of tranquility” and both the series and the short film are directed by Choi Hang-Young. The series will be available on Netflix.

The Silent Sea Season 2 Release Date

For the first season, the audience has received the date of 24th December 2021, Christmas eve as the last mark for all the wait and anticipation, it was announced by Netflix on the Netflix geeked Twitter feed. We also have seen the drop of two trailers before the actual release one being the teaser which has already reached the 1.1 million marks and the second one being the official trailer released on 10th December already crossing the 3.3 million views mark.

Though we haven’t received any update on the release of season 2 but with the plot being a cliffhanger, we have got nothing to do but sit still while clinging on to our seats. Another highlighting fact regarding the series is that it will be an 8-episode series which indicates 8 episodes full of trifling suspense. Though the episode duration isn’t confirmed, we can expect a time duration of 45 minutes per episode.

The Silent Sea Season 2 Story

The Silent Sea Season 2 Release Date
The Silent Sea Season 2

With the starting of season 1, we see our earth but not in the present time it’s the future earth, its 2075 and that already fills us with a lot to take in, we see drastic changes in the world such as a catastrophic change in the climatic condition which has led to a worldwide deadly famine, the earth is predicted to soon become inhabitable and the future of the earth lies in the hands of few. The only solution left with this team is to embark on a mission to an abandoned research station called the Balhae Base situated on the surface of the moon to retrieve a mysterious sample that may help them to save the future of the earth.

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The plot twist comes after reaching the surface of the moon where they have a near to death landing and making their way into the station is followed by a dungeon of dead bodies scattered around inside the base, the team still decides to carry out their mission but the trailer still keeps us in suspense of what unknown circumstances they are being followed by, at the end we see them escaping out of the Balhae station but we are left without an answer. WERE THEY SUCCESSFUL? WHAT WAS THE UNKNOWN FOLLOWING THEM? WILL THEY RECEIVE ANY HELP FROM EARTH? And the biggest being IS THE FUTURE OF THE EARTH DOOMED?
For all those answers we have to go through these eight episodes of adventure.

The Silent Sea Season 2 Cast

The Silent Sea Season 2 Release Date
The Silent Sea Season 2

The official cast of the series includes some of the most common faces from the Korean cinematic world, we recognize Goon Yoo from the recently released squid game as one of the leads along with bae doona from kingdoms. The following is a brief on the cast

Bae doona as Doctor Song Jhi-an, an astrobiologist
Gong Yoo as Han Yoon-Jae, the special team leader
Lee Joon as Captain Ryoo Tae-Seok,the head engineer
Heo Sang Tae as Kim Jae-Sun
LeeMoo-Saeng as Gong Soo-hyuk

We can probably have the same cast along with a few more new faces added to the cast for season 2 but for this season this is the cast for the show.

The Silent Sea Season 1 Trailer

After the general cover-up about the entire series here we are waiting for the drop of season 1 on Netflix but if u guys haven’t checked out the trailer yet, you will find both the links for the teaser as well as the trailer above.

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