True Story Season 3 Release Date Is Still Pending!

TRUE STORY is a television show created by Hamish Blake, Andy Lee, and Tim Bartley in Australia. It is a comedic series starring Hamish and Andy. On June 5, 2017, the show debuted on nine networks. There are no dubs available because it is entirely shot in English. There are two seasons available, each with 20 episodes lasting approximately 50 minutes. Wayne Hope and Sian Davies directed it. Rod Mulliniar narrated the performance. On IMDB, true tales has a 7.8 overall rating, which is a respectable rating. Truth is a reality stranger than fiction when it comes to dating. These amazing, hilarious, and cringe-worthy dating stories will have you rolling around on the floor, eager to see what happens next. These aren’t the kind of fake dates you see on reality shows. These are true dating stories from real people, brilliantly brought to life with all the drama, romance, and comedy they deserve.

True Story Season 3 Release Date

The show’s creators have yet to make an official declaration, however, this does not imply that the series has been canceled. It’s also possible that the show will take a pause like it did earlier this year. Because the previous session was not well received, the show’s renewal must be postponed, or the lead cast may not be available. We are waiting for any official show news or updates, and if we receive any, we will update our site as quickly as possible.

True Story Cast and Crew

True Story Season 3 Release Date
True Story

ANDY LEE is a 44-year-old Australian comedian, children’s author, television host, and musician. He is a theatre actor who has only appeared in two films: “Your Call Is Important” and “Kinta 1881.” He is most recognized for his involvement in the genuine stories with Hamish. HAMISH BLAKE is an Australian comedian who was born in Melbourne and is 39 years old. He is a writer, author, and actor in addition to being a comedian. He has appeared in a few well-known films, including “Ralph Breaks the Internet” and “Two Little Boys.” Since 2012, he has collaborated with Andy.

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True Story Season 2 Story

True Story Season 3 Release Date
True Story

The show is hosted by comedians Hamish and Andy, who used to chat with regular Australians and tell them about the amusing real-life tales that happened to them. These stories were also filmed by the show’s creators and included actors. Audiences were enthralled by the amusing true-life stories. Season 1 had a high TRP, but it steadily declined, therefore season 2 was under-watched and had a low TRP. Season 2 did not do well, hence a third season is unlikely to be released.

True Story Season 3 Story

well, there is no season 3 trailer available for true stories because the release of season 3 has yet to be announced. If you wish to watch the rest of the season’s genuine stories, you can do so on YouTube. Currently, the show is not accessible on Netflix. True stories season 1 and 2 trailers are also accessible on YouTube.

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