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Where Was 300 Filmed? Find Out More!

300 Movie Trailer

300 is a film from back in 2007, based on a 1998 comic series. It is an American movie with a runtime of 116 mins.  The movie premiered on 9th December 2007. The film was directed and co-written by Zack Snyder. The movie stars; Lena Headey, Dominic West, David Wenham, and Gerard Butler. It received a rating of 7.6 by IMDb. The drama is based on action, fiction, war, historical fiction, supernatural elements, and fantasy. 

 Among many other Historical movies shot in Europe, this one for sure piqued the interest of many. Many are unaware of the film’s shooting location. Back when I was a kid, I heard from my parents that this was a must-watch movie for all. Many searched for its shooting location as the story’s background made the viewers curious. Well, that’s why I am here to lead you with the background of the film.

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Where Was 300 Filmed?

The movie was filmed in Montreal. Yes, you read correctly! There are no hotels next to the studio but it’s a 15-20 mins drive away. So, if you want to visit the location, you can drive there. There is downtown near the location, so you can stay there as well. The shooting location is known by Mel’s Cinema Studio. So, if you want to visit the location, now you know the place. But entering the studio can be a barrier. You see the people over there hardly speak fluent English. So, what you can do is learn the French language quickly. And who knows you can earn the next Autograph from a famous celeb. You can stay at some of the Montreal hotels. And then tour around the place also. 

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Moving on, the prime location of the movie is; Lake Vouliagmenis near Perachora. Richard Egan shot one of his roles here. Many other actors had their screening here as well. Over 600 costumes were created for the movie. As well as the prosthetics and dummies. The actors and the crew worked really hard to make the show look real. Especially the look of the characters, weapons, dummy bodies, props, effects, etc. were focused on by the production team. 

300 Movie Story

Where Was 300 Filmed

It’s an epic- historical film. It tells the story of King Leonidas who has to lead a group of 300 Spartans against the battle of Persia. He has to fight off 300,000 soldiers with his 300-armed men. The story is set in the backdrop of 480 BC. As the fierce battle rages the Queen with all her power tries to support her husband. What happens next? Will the King with only 300 men be able to win? Or will he die a martyr? 

Go watch the movie available on Netflix. Also available on Amazon Prime and Hungama. Netflix has a collection of two other 300 films. 300 and 300: Rise of an empire; 2007 and 2014 respectively. Watch all three movies online.

Well, that’s all for today! Have a lovely year ahead. We will come up with more interesting news for you in the upcoming months. 

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