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Who Is Felix Chang Hong Grant? Where Is He Now?

Felix is a celebrity kid. He is the second kid of Hugh Grants. Felix has 4 more siblings Tabitha, John, and two others.  He was born on 29th December 2013 after Tabitha who was welcomed in 2011. It was found that Felix’s birthplace is Paddington in west London. He was born in St. Mary’s hospital and has Hugh’s name on his birth certificate.

The news of Felix being born was shared by his father on Twitter. Though the news of his second kid being born was kept hidden for two months.

Who Is Felix Chang Hong Grant?

Who Is Felix Chang Hong Grant?

Felix is the son of Hugh Grant and his ex-partner, Tinglan Hong. She is of Chinese-British nationality and met Hugh for the first time in a Chinese restaurant where she used to work. They Ha their first child in 2011 and broke up soon after, they got back into a relationship in 2013 and had Felix. Hugh and Tinglan split up again in 2014. During the time when he was about to become Felix’s father, he also had a kid with Ann named John. This news was confirmed by Hugh’s ex-girlfriend Hurley.

Hugh might not be in a relationship with Tinglan but he makes sure that his kids are never short of anything. Grant and Tinglan have an age gap of 20 years and the information of him dating her was kept very private. Grant in an interview said that Felix’s mother is very nice, funny and a great mother.

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Where does Felix live?

Felix lives with his mother Tinglan and his elder sister Tabitha in a 1.3-million-dollar house bought by his father in west London. Hugh does visit his son and daughter often to have that bond with them.

What is the age difference between Tabitha and Felix

Tabitha Xaio Xi Hong Grant and Felix Chang Hong Grant have an age difference of 16 months.

What is the age difference between Felix and John Mungo?

Felix Chang Hong and John Mungo have an age difference of 3 months. They are half-siblings.

To whom is Hugh Grant Married?

Hugh Grant is married to Anna Elisabet Eberstein. They got married in 2018 on May 25. It is also possible that Hugh and Tinglan got married low-key, there is little to no information regarding this. Ann has a master’s degree in economics from Uppsala University.

Who is Hugh Grant?

Who Is Felix Chang Hong Grant?

Hugh John Mungo Grant is a famous British actor and film producer. He is a father of five including Felix. The remains of the day, restoration, and sense, Maurice are some of his most popular movies and drama. As for the awards, he has a good collection of awards with some big-shot awards like the golden globe award for best actor, the BAFTA Award, and the British academy film award. Hugh has dated a number of women before Ann and Tinglan, including Jemima and Elizabeth Hurley.

He said that Felix’s birth had a great impact on his life. Felix came to him as a surprise and had a positive effect on his life. After his birth, the way Hugh looked at marriage and children changed drastically. Hugh was 51 when he had Tabitha and 57 when Ann had her 3rd child and Hugh’s fifth.

Felix’s Net worth

As for Felix he is a celebrity child and has had zero financial issues to date as his father takes care of all their needs. There is no information about his income as he is still a kid. His mother Tinglan has an approximate net worth of $5 million and his father has an immense net worth of 150 million dollars as a result of his successful movies.

What is the meaning of the name Felix, Tabitha, and John?

Felix is a Latin-derived name that means happy and lucky. Tabitha means Beauty and grace. John means the gold is gracious and both Tabitha and john are of Hebrew origin.

Hugh’s concern about his kids

Hugh Grant has claimed that he is having a hard time tracking his kid’s screen time and they were getting addicted to their phones. He said that the older ones might be addicts too but he surely had no clue about it then. He is a father of five and has been very concerned. Hugh tries to keep all his kids from the media and keeps their lives very private giving them all the luxuries of life. There is very less information about his other 2 children as he had decided to keep their lives private.

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