As We See It Season 1 Release Date Updates!

Hollywood has a long way to go before it can accurately portray people with autism spectrum disorders on television. On the other hand, a new television series titled “As We See It” appears to be headed in the correct direction. The following is a summary of what we know thus far about the show, which includes, among other things, its Emmy-winning showrunner, seasoned director, and up-and-coming cast members.

As We See It Season 1 Release Date

As We See It Season 1 Release Date
As We See It Season 1

The film “As We See It” will be released on January 21, 2022, in more than 240 countries and territories throughout the world, according to the official release schedule. Throughout the course of the series, all eight episodes will be made available for viewing at the same time in order to appeal to our society’s preference for binge-watching new shows at its own pace while on the go. The show will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video; thus far, this and “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” are the only original shows that we are aware of that will be available on the streaming service in 2022, with “Lord of the Rings” being the other. The show will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

As We See It Season 1 Story

According to the film’s synopsis, As We See It follows three twentysomething housemates who are all on the autism spectrum as they strive to get and maintain employment, meet new friends, fall in love, and navigate a world that is unfamiliar to them. With the help of their families, an aide, and, on occasion, even one another, these roommates overcome obstacles and celebrate achievements on their separate paths to independence and acceptance.

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As We See It Season 1 Expectations

The official trailer for the adult stop-motion animation comedy “Santa Inc.” has been released on HBO Max ahead of its December 2nd broadcast. Candy Smalls, an intrepid elf, is eager to fight like a man in order to become the first female Santa in this series. The cast also features Nicholas Braun, Maria Bamford, and Sarah Silverman, as well as Seth Rogen, Leslie Grossman, Gabourey Sidibe, Craig Robinson, Maria Bamford, and Joel Kim Booster. Rogen, Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, and Joshua Fagen of Point Grey Pictures, as well as Rosa Tran, Seth Green, John Harvatine IV, Matthew Senreich, Eric Towner, and Chris Waters of Point Grey Pictures, serve as executive producers alongside Alexandra Rushfield, Silverman, and Amy Zvi. Harry Chaskin directed the picture. After the jump, you can see the trailer.

As We See It Season 1 Cast And Crew

As We See It Season 1 Release Date
As We See It Season 1

Additionally, Jason Katims will serve as the showrunner of “As We See It,” in addition to his previous work as the showrunner of the legendary small-town football drama “Friday Night Lights.” He is also the creator and showrunner of the successful and adored television adaptation of “Parenthood.” As an executive producer, he will work alongside Jeni Mulein (from “Away”), Danna Stern (from “On the Spectrum”), Dana Idisis and Yuval Shafferman (who previously developed an Israeli version of this show), and Udi Segal (who previously produced an Israeli version of this show) on a variety of projects (“Blue Natalie”). Jesse Peretz, whose prior accomplishments include “Our Idiot Brother,” “New Girl,” “The Office,” “Girls,” “GLOW,” and other projects, directed and executive produced the debut episode of the series.

Sue Ann Pien portrays Violet, Jack’s roommate who acts as the central plot point. Rick Glassman represents Jack, Albert Rutecki portrays Harrison, and Rick Glassman portrays Jack. They have all indicated that they are on the autistic spectrum, which is a group of people who have Autism. The lead role in this comedy is played by Sosie Bacon; the supporting role is played by Chris Pan, and the supporting role is played by Joe Mantegna; the film is directed by Joe Mantegna.

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