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How Did Eren Become A Titan? 

Attack On Titan is no doubt a popular anime television series and it is loved by every anime lover but there is one thing that many fans of this series don’t have any clue of, especially those who are new fans of this series.

The question that is very popular among the fans of Attack On Titan is still trending, so if you are in search of the answer then this article will help you to learn it.

How Did Eren Become A Titan?

How Did Eren Become A Titan? 

Eren is one of the most popular protagonist characters. He is a well-written character and the plot of Attack On Titan itself is one of the best stories. Their story is complex, bitter, and awesome, making it one of the best anime to watch that keeps you on edge and questioning after each episode. 

Eren wants to take revenge on all of the Titans in the beginning because her mother was eaten by Titans. His first Titan power is revealed during a massacre of Titans in wall Maria. A Titan ate Eren but Eren survived in the Titan’s stomach as he was only swallowed after his arms were crushed and he got very angry after seeing the other person’s bodies who were eaten by the titan and wanted to kill the Titan.

He burst out of his stomach and revealed his titan power for the first time. At that time Eren knew taking out some blood with a goal and objective will activate the titan’s power. Eren was not able to handle the power of the Titan when he first encountered it with.

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So Mikasa helped him and got him out of his titan form. Titan has regenerating power which helps them heal their limbs for which Eren’s leg got back.

As the story further goes on we get to know that Eren got his power from his father Grisha. Eren’s father Grisha took Eren into the woods, gave him the key to the basement, and injected him with the spinal fluid which turned humans into Abnormal (mindless) Titan first.

The subjects of Ymir can turn into Titan. After Eren become Titan he ate his own father Grisha and obtained the Attacking Titan and Founding Titan power. He realized it after 5 years of what powers he has got.

At first, the transformation of Eren into Titan took a lot of stamina from Eren for which he had a nosebleed and heavy breathing. 

Further in the story, we got to know that Grisha was an outsider.  He was an Eldian Restorationist who came to Paradis Island to steal the Founding Titan power from the Reiss Family living on Paradis Island. It was a mission. He was sent by Eren Kruger to pass through the wall and take the Founding Titan. He was given the Attacking Titan power for this mission. He obtained the founding Titan power by eating the queen “ Frieda Reiss’ ‘. 

By the Attacking Titan power, he was able to see the future and past for which he gets to know many things. The Founding Titan also has the power to manipulate and erase the memory of the people who are subjects of Ymir. 

He even manipulated Grisha’s memory a little bit for which he killed the queen and ate her. Grisha has seen the future of Eren’s plan for which he somewhat cooperated with Eren to win.

Eren has Founding Titan power for which he can control the Titans and make them obey any decision. He just has to scream to control the titan. It is not necessarily that he has to scream in the titan form, only that he can scream in the human form also.

The Eldia’s Royal Family was the inheritor of the Founding Titan. When King Karl Fritz of Eldia build his nation on Paradis Island and relocated his kingdom, he form three walls with the help of Wall Titans and erase the memories of his people with the help of Founding Titan and make them believe that they are the only person left on this earth and people were eaten by the Titans. 

Eren obtained the power of War Hammer Titan by eating the sister of Willy Tybur. The fight to obtain the War Hammer Titan was really good. It was interesting how Eren plotted out the plan to obtain power. The power of War Hammer Titan is that it can produce the structure of hardened Titan flesh and manipulate it. 

During the fight to obtain the power of War Hammer Titan, Eren took the Jaw Titan’s Jaws and broke the crystal that was covering the War Hammer Titan and ate her, and obtained the power.

The Characters of Attack On Titan

How Did Eren Become A Titan? 
Attack On Titan

The characters in Attack on Titan are as follows: Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Levi Ackerman, Erwin Smith, Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, Zeke Yeager, Hange Zoë, Historia Reiss, Annie Leonhart, Ymir, Sasha Blouse, Marco Bott, Floch Forster.

Louise, Daz, Samuel Linke-Jackson, Petra Ral, Dot Pyxis, Gabi Braun, Kitz Woermann, Rico Brzenska, Kenny Ackerman, Jean Kirstein, Connie Springer, Porco Galliard, Pieck Finger, Colt Grice, Falco Grice, Ymir Fritz, etc. 

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