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Is Detective Conan Worth Watching?

Detective Conan is a Japanese detective manga series written and illustrated by Gosha Yoyama. It is also known as Case close. The story is carried away by the adventures of Shinichi Kudo who is a young detective prodigy. He was shrunk into a child’s body inadvertently due to a prison where he was force-fed by members of a criminal syndicate. Simply, the plot can be defined as getting back to normalcy that is going back to his original person that is a high school boy again. Then, eliminate the black organization without letting them know of his actual name. Eliminating them without alerting them that Kudo Shinichi is Edogawa Canon. It has portrayed a seventeen year’s boy to be a master detective who has had it all. He could solve any case that was brought to his attention and in record time. 

Detective Conan 25 Release Date

The film has released in April of each year, starting from 1997 with its 1st release of 1st film. Case closed: The Time Bombay Skyscraper. Then after its huge success, Detective Conan which was its 24th film as a whole named Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet got released on April 16 of 2021. The season was broadcast till November 16, 2019. As of now, eight volumes have been released so far on September 2021. The Detective Conan anime was 1st aired on January 8 of 1996 in Japan. According to the sources it has been announced that the next sequel that is 25th film of the detective canon franchise will be released in Japan on April 15 of 2022, which will be named The Bride of Halloween.

Detective Canon Expected Story

Is Detective Conan Worth Watching?
Detective Conan

The series has been on a roll lately, and the upcoming has a crazy surprising plot to reveal. It is been decided that in the latest sequel, Rei Furuya fans will be overwhelmed to know that the film will focus on him as one of the lead characters. The protagonist will be a renowned character! As it has already been shown that Hiromitsu is a deceased detective who works under Black Organization. But in this new part, we are going to witness an absolute character development of Hiromitsu from his background to a rise of his professional graph at the same time. It has been predicted that the audience goes see him as a police officer soon. As a whole, the latest sequel is coming back with a fresh arc and going to focus on some underrated characters from the franchise.

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Is Detective Conan Worth Watching?

Detective Canon is undoubtedly a worth-watching anime for sure! And it is proven by its immensely loved fanbase which has been created by itself over the past long years.

Is Detective Conan Worth Watching?
Detective Canon

As it is a long series with more than 1000 episodes and many seasons before, it is obvious that it will have a lengthy casting just the same as its fanbase. Throughout this long period since 1997, it has given rise to many new actors and newcomers along with some big names of this Industry franchise who are greatly associated with this piece of art. Starting with some of the lead characters such as Alison Viktorin as Conan Edogawa, Colleen Clinkenbeard as Ran Mori, R. Bruce Elliott as Richard Moore are three of the most loved and appreciated characters acclaimed by the critics. Other important characters who all’s contributions brought this anime to this extent are Mark Stoddard as Juzo Megure oldest and experienced most actor of all. Kenichi Ogata as Hiroshi Agasa, Rikiya Koyama as Richard Moore and others. Some od must be mentioning newcomers, Takuya Eguchi, Tomokazu Sugita, Satoshi Himo, and a few more.

Detective Canon Recap

The film which has a gross of second highest is the ‘Scarlet Bullet’. It left the audience with an exciting note by showing, Japan is all prepped to celebrate their Worlds Sports Games. In that inauguration, Japan is going to launch their advanced technology, ‘The Hyperlinear bullet train at the running speed of up to 1,000km/h. However, the disaster strikes the host venue, where the sponsors were all gathered. A crisis unfolds as the industry heads were kidnapped. In a shadow, Shuichi Akai waits to watch the crisis unfolds, as the FBI awaits his orders. Conan deduces the connection between the World Sports Game and kidnappings. Now, the series is left with a question, whether the investigation at that time was under the FBI or not?

Where to Watch Detective Canon?

Detective Canon is not only available on Netflix, it is currently streaming as well on Indian Netflix. It arrived for online streaming on, January 4 of 2019.

Detective Canon Trailer

Just like the anime itself, trailers of every sequel had always been geared up the audience and added up a sense of enthusiasm and curiosity among the fanbase.

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