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Is Notre Dame Based On A True Story?

Notre Dame is a series which is based on an incident that took place at Notre Dame de Paris. The series aired on October 19, 2022. The drama is French-based and is directed by Hervè Hadmar, who is also the writer of the show. Currently, the series is running with six amazing episodes and became popular among viewers instantly.

For those who are clueless about what is Notre-Dame, it is a catholic cathedral, it exist on Earth since medieval times. Notre Dame means “Our Lady” and it refers to mother Mary, mother of the beloved and almighty Jesus Christ. The cathedral was a very famous site for tourists as well as for locals. April 19, 2019, was a very unfortunate day for the beautiful site, the cathedral was seen in a fire which largely damaged its high walls and the roof.

Many people who were inside the church became victims of the heat and many families saw loss and some came closer to each other, though the religious artworks and relics were moved to a safer place and no damage was done to them. The church has now declared that it will be renewed till 2024 and will hopefully be restored in a fine condition as before.

The church caught fire due to the short-circuiting in the wires of temporarily installed electric bells, the wiring was done through the roof of the cathedral, hence the roof was the most broken and damaged part.

Let us find out what the series has in it and if is it real or just fiction.

Is Notre Dame Based On A True Story?

Is Notre Dame Based On A True Story?

Well, it can not be said that whole of the series is based on some real story. The director of the drama, Hervè Hadmar, observed the huge impact of that fire across the globe as well as locals residing there and how it gained the attention of people. Getting his inspiration from the event, he decided to make a series that would display the huge fire event of the cathedral and connect it with the lives of other people, how people burn in their own emotions and face difficulties in their lives. The characters are not real in the series, they are fictional and are created to portray heat in the personal life.

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The series depicts the loss of people after the unfortunate incident that took place at the cathedral. The show got its base from the real event of a fire and the whole story revolves around the same. Firefighters, who fought immensely for the sake of the lives of locals who were stuck inside the cathedral, also play a major role in the series. According to a source, approximately, 400 firefighters were at the site with several officials from the ruling government. The series is an emotional series appealing directly to the hearts of the viewers as it shows the misery of people when they hear the news of the unfortunate incident. The drama mixed the elements from the personal lives of mainly the firefighters and other people along with the fire that took place at the cathedral. 

Is Notre Dame Based On A True Story?

A senior member of the fire army,  General Ducourt, who was fighting the fire for the last 30 years of his life comes forward and gives everything to save the cathedral. General’s old friend and colleague, Alice was also seen traumatized as her lover died in a fire, she too wanted to be a part of the firefighting team to prove that she can put her trauma in the past. Max, a helpless old man also seen in the series, whose daughter, Victoria was off the tracks and was indulged in drugs and stuff, wanted her to meet her mother, who was on her deathbed. Max needed her daughter as her wife’s last wish was to see their daughter in front of her eyes.

Adapting the unique plot, Hervè Hadmar, the director, took the real incident, and instead of making the whole series about the incident of breaking out of the fire he used the incident to show the emotions of people struggling in their real lives.

Some Questions and Answers related to Notre-Dame Series

1.)Where to Watch Notre Dame?

  Notre Dame is a Netflix original series, hence you can watch it only on Netflix, with all episodes.

2.)Is the Notre-Dame series available in the English language?

WELL YES! You can watch the series with perfect dubbing in the English language plus the subtitles are also available.

Winding up here, hope that the article was able to answer all queries and was good enough to fill the readers with knowledge of the series as well as the real incident that took place.

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