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Is Sesham Mike-il Fathima Based On A True Story?

South Indian films are finally getting the recognition they were meant to receive. The movies are famous for their plots, thrills and intricate weaving of the story along with the characters. The story in discussion today is also one such thrilling story which is a huge comedy drama that gained recognition for its hilarious sequences.

Sesham Mike-il Fathima is a Malayalam movie that was released very recently which also means Up Next, Fathima on the mike. This is a story that has a lot of fun sequences in it and also has a plethora of its own kind of reviews left by the audience as well.

The movie did decently on the screens and now, there are a lot of details about it that the audience is interested in. There are speculations about the story of Sesham Mike-il Fathima being adapted from a real-life true story, so we are here to address that. This article will consist of details about Sesham Mike-il Fathima’s story and if its true or not, the storyline and a discussing of the plot.

Is Sesham Mike-il Fathima Based On A True Story?

Sesham Mike-il Fathima is a recent Malayalam language directed and written by Manu C. Kumar. The movie was released on November 17, 2023, on the big screens and had a lot of mixed reviews stating its performance. The lead of the movie is Kalyani Priyadarshan and the run time is 138 minutes.

The movie was announced in September 2022 and the principal photography finished at the same time. The story of the movie revolves around Fathima Noorjahan- “Pathu”, an educated woman from a middle-class, orthodox Muslim family in Kerala. She lives with her father Munir, Mother Noorjahan, brother Asif and her grandmother. She has always been interested in commentary since childhood and this tells us how the story will grow around the passion of the lead.

Likewise, she is offered a role to provide live commentary for a live football tournament and she goes on to do a terrific job and receives a lot of appreciation and compliments for her work. Her family finds her a marriage proposal but it gets cancelled due to her talkativeness.

Soon after this, she gets a letter to join the Biotechnology lab and leaves for Kochi. She meets a journalist frine of hers and continues to work towards commentary as a career itself. She meets the president of the Kerala Football Federation and checks for a chance. She meets a lot of people and lands an administrative job in a sports academy.

After a little bit, there is a lot of talk about commentary being a male-dominated field and that, she will not be considered. After a lot of drama, scenes and her fight, she finally gets the job as a commentator! Yes, it is a fulfilling story but seems to be dragged along a little too much.

This story is said to be a true story but there are no claims about it. Neither the makers nor the cast have expressed that the story is inspired by the life of a real achiever. This is a movie made for entertainment and is a fictional story. The makers have done a good job at making everything so intricately weaved around the characters. Watch the movie on Netflix.


Sesham Mike-il Fathima Cast

Sesham Mike-il Fathima is a Malayalam movie that was recently released, The movie is currently available on Netflix in a lot of languages as well. The story is thrilling but has been dragged a little bit along the hurdles.

The cast has done a wonderful job with the movie and their acting has made it the product it is today. The lead of the movie is Kalyani Priyadarshan, playing the role of Fathima Noorjahan. Sudheesh plays the role of Muneer, the father of Fathima. The role of Shiva Narayanan is played by Gautham Vasudev Menon. The role of Solomon Margaret is played by Shaheen Siddique and the role of Asif is played by Aneesh Menon. The role of Noorjahan, Fathima’s mother is played by Priya Sreejith. The role of Catherine is played by Parvathi and the role of Ramya Aavani is played by Femia George.

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