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Is The Chalk Line Based On A True Story?

Pretty sure that everyone loves a psychic thriller-horror combination of movies. The Chalk Line is among such movies that came out on September 9, 2022, and brings some nail-biting thrill along with a pinch of horror scenes. The director of the movie is Ignacio Tatay, the members of the production team include, Ignacio Salazar-Simpson, Ricardo Marco Budè, Carolina Bang, and Àlex de la Iglesia and the story is written by Isabel Peña along with Ignacio Tatay. 

The movie cast members are Elena Anaya who played the role of Paula, Pablo Molinero as Simòn, Eva Tennear as Clara, Carlos Santos, Eva Llorach, Esther Acebo, Eloy Azorín, and Mona Martínez. To know if the series is a real story or based on a real incident, let us dig deep into the article.

Is The Chalk Line Based On A True Story?

Is The Chalk Line Based On A True Story?

The answer is Yes, the movie “The Chalk Line”, narrates a story of a couple, Paula and her husband Simón, the pair was having some medical issues and were unable to have a baby, therefore, they were taking an IVF Treatment. One day, while driving, a little girl came in front of the car, she was all alone at night and she seemed lost and speechless. She was taken to a hospital and the couple took the decision to be her foster parents until they find a home for her and they later came to know that the name of the girl was Clara.

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There was a twist when they came to know that Clara has made up a bogyman and she claims that he haunts her every night. She used to draw a circle with chalk around her and never goes out of it because she believes that the circle will keep her safe from the man haunting him. The couple felt weird about it but they were trying their best to cope with the sweet girl. One day, they found shreds of glass in their food and thought that Clara has done it to harm them. At this point, everyone got a hint that something is fishy and things are getting supernatural.

Another twist sets foot in the movie when Paula and Simón discovered a horrible truth about their neighbor Eduardo, he is a psychopath who tortures women in his basement and rapes them continuously. They found out that Clara is the daughter of the victim of Eduardo, whose name was Ingrid, he kept her in his home in the basement when she was only 12 years old and Eduardo was her father, biologically. After discovering the horrible truth they called the police and Eduardo were arrested her wife was also charged as she knew about the dark secret of her husband and it was also proved by the police that he is the bogeyman who was haunting Clara all along.

The story of The Chalk Line is not the same as the exact story that took place in real life but is based on the same concept that was the base of a real-life incident, it revolves around the same main idea of a woman being kidnapped and kept in the basement and being tortured, sexually and mentally. The characters are fiction and are not the same as the real ones.

Giving our readers a glimpse of the actual incident that took place, there was a man named Josef Fritzl, who used to rape her daughter in the basement of his house. He produced seven babies with her daughter and he kept two babies and told her wife that he found them alone so he bought them in his house.

Some Questions and Answers Regarding The Movie

1.) Where To Watch The Chalk Line movie?

  You can only watch the movie on Netflix and nowhere else as it is a Netflix original movie.

2.) Is The Chalk Line a hit?

 The movie got good reviews from audiences all around the globe and everyone admired the movie.

Winding up here, hope the article made its point and was successful in explaining the concept of the movie and answering the question and doubts of the readers. For more updates and the latest news about movies, shows, and more, stay tuned to our website!

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