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La Fortuna Season 2 Release Date, Story, Cast, and More!

La Fortuna Official Trailer

La Fortuna is a Spanish television miniseries about adventure and drama. It is an adaptation of Paco Roca and Guillermo Corral’s book series El tesoro del Cisne Negro, directed by Alejandro Amenábar. The IMDb rating as of today shows a score of 5.8 out of 10. This shows that the show gets mixed reviews from the viewers.

La Fortuna Season 2 Release Date

There are several rumors that the series would come back for a second season, however two months after the season one conclusion, the show’s creators have yet to come out to at least give viewers optimism that the show will return. As of now, the show’s creators have made no official word on the second season’s release date.

La Fortuna Season 2 Expected Story

The show’s creators have yet to give an official synopsis. Indeed, the show could return for a second season, but there is really no plot for season 2 as of yet. The final episode of the show was premiered on October 29, 2021. As of now, the producers have yet to make an official announcement on the second season. Fans had high hopes for the show’s second season, but it currently has no intention of returning for a second season. Yet, among the most likely scenarios for season 2 is to simply pick up where the first season leaves off.

La Fortuna Season 1 Story

La Fortuna Season 2 Release Date
La Fortuna

Captain Frank Wild, proprietor of Atlantis Underwater Searching, would be off the European shore of the Atlantic with his treasure hunting frigate. When the ship’s sensors indicate that the shipwreck they’re looking for has a lot of artifacts, he and the crew dispatch their investigating robots to the ocean below. The items appear to be hundreds of precious metals coins, making this one of the company’s largest findings ever.

He returns to the company’s Atlanta headquarters also with treasure, one of the very first things he tells his lawyer, Susan McLean, is to contact his old buddy Jonas Pierce, because “we need to eliminate that old grouch, no cost what.” He also advises his daughter Amy, who was a member of the most recent expedition’s crew, that she should enjoy the rest of her holiday in England alongside her mom.

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Wild met with Pierce near the building of an old law school acquaintance in Washington, D.C. He appeals to Pierce’s spirit of adventure from their childhood, but Pierce believes Wild was nothing but a pirate robbing wealth that belongs to their country of origin.

A young diplomat called Lex Ventura begins employment at the Ministry of Culture in Madrid. Due to his command of Korea, he quickly gains favor with Minister Enrique Moliner, however when he takes the Atlantis discoveries to his employer Mazas, he is shot dead. Luca Vallarta, the director of Historic Preservation, has been phoning his workplace about the Atlantis for days, so Lex takes it upon himself to speak with him.

She believes that ship Wild did steal the cash from is a Spanish galleon, and she believes they can confirm it if they recruit Jonas Pierce (there’s that name again). In earlier years, he had successfully handled them in two maritime law cases. This is presented to Mazas and Minister Moliner by the two of them. Moliner entrusts the investigation to the two of them. Further with the news conference revealing the findings, Wild did the smart thing. Yes, the Spanish government was notified. However, they never revealed the ship’s name, and Wild is certain that they won’t be able to claim the find in time. Lex and Luca meet Horacio Valverde (Manolo Solo), a veteran legionary who has been chasing Wild, in Algeciras. He informs them what he believes the coins’ origins are and that they’re worth more than $500 million in today’s value. Wild, on the other hand, is being guarded by someone from the government.

La Fortuna Season 2 Cast

La Fortuna Season 2 Release Date
La Fortuna

Many well-known actors appear in the show, including Álvaro Mel featured as as Álex Ventura, Ana Polvorosa play the role of Lucía Vallarta, Clarke Peters play character of Jonas Pierce, Karra Elejalde portray character of Enrique Moliner, T’Nia Miller play as Susan McLean, Duncan Pow play character of , Manolo Solo play charcter of Horacio Valverde, Pedro Casablanc portray charcter of Ambassador Arribas, Blanca Portillo play as Zeta, Stanley Tucci.

Where to watch La Fortuna Series?

Amazon Prime Video has the first three episodes available to watch. Fans may only see the entire series on AMC+. The show is not available for India as of today.

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