Live Up To Your Name Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers

This is the second season of the South Korean television series Live Up to Your Name, which is about the release. The first season was broadcasted on tvN at 21:00 from August 12 to October 1, 2017. (KST). This fantasy series has received an outstanding 96 percent of viewers and a 96 percent rating on an episode-by-episode basis. Every sign points to the second season of living up to your name.

Live Up To Your Name Season 2 Release Date

Live Up To Your Name season 2 Release Date
Live Up To Your Name

There has been no official news about a renewal or new episodes. Is this, however, a major thing, and do you have the charm to live up to your name for the second season in season two? Whatever the case may be, we’ll keep you updated as events unfold on our website.

Live Up to Your Name Season 2 cast, plot, and release date can all be discovered right here! The second season of Live Up to Your Name, a South Korean drama series, could include historical time travel. It was broadcast on tvN from August 12 to October 1, 2017, at 21:00.

Live Up To Your Name Season 2 Expected Story

Heo, I’m, an acupuncturist who practices Traditional Cultural Medicine (treatment involving needles). He works at a low-income clinic. Visiting high-ranking officials and nobles in secret during the day and generating a fortune at night.

Because of his great reputation, the king hired him to treat his migraines. Unfortunately, his fear overcame him, and he was arrested and charged with treason. He was pursued by soldiers in an attempt to avoid capture, but he was unable to dodge them. As a result of his misfortune, he was pushed into a river, shot with arrows, and drowned.

It turned out that his end did not come. He awoke in modern-day Korea, only to realize he’d time-traveled to the 1950s. He meets cardiothoracic surgeon Choi Yeon-Kyung (Kim Ah-Joong) while working at Shinhan Hospital, and the two form an unexpected bond.

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Live Up To Your Name Season 1 Cast

Live Up To Your Name Season 2 Release Date
Live Up To Your Name

In this drama, Live Up To Your Name, Kim Nam-Gil played Heo I’m, a 1592 Joseon healer noted for his care with the underprivileged at his clinic Haeminseo. Kim Ah-Joong excelled as the strict and principled surgeon in the role of Choi Yeon-Kyung at Shinhan Hospital. She is portrayed as a mature woman who takes her job seriously and fully throughout the film.

Is there a moment at which you stop living up to your name?

Despite her feelings for him, Yeon Kyung understands that he must forge his own path. This time, Heo, I’m back in war-torn Joseon. During the fight, he put his life in danger to help wounded soldiers.

This is a great show to watch if you want to laugh a lot. Fulfill Your Purpose The play Dr. Heo tells the story of a time-traveling doctor. This show’s plot isn’t particularly complicated, but you’ll laugh a lot while watching it.

Live Up To Your Name Season 1 Story

The noise, which can be heard from below, perplexes Jae-sook and Byung-ki. Grandpa joins the elder Im and Yeon-kyung and inquires whether or not they are fighting.

I’m currently studying how to administer CPR on a dummy from Yeon-kyung. In response to her inquiries, he begs her to let him practice on her instead. I pout as Yeon-kyung brushes him aside and returns his attention to the lecture. When Yeon-kyung welcomes him, he questions why he needs to learn this, but he eventually accepts.

Is it feasible to save lives without performing CPR? When Yeon-kyung starts arguing, Im goes in for an awkward kiss on the lips. Yeon-kyung observes his smile as he takes a step back, but he’s still thinking about the previous night at Namsan Tower.

Even though the ending was pleasant and appropriate, I wished there had been more of an emotional payoff at the end. After all of that, the OTP to reconcile without even exchanging a kiss? What a load of nonsense!

Aside from the epilogue, which was both lovely and satisfying, this drama was one of my favorites. I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did on this excursion. That means I can finally finish Kim Nam-previous girl’s job!

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