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Has Magical Girl Magical Destroyer Release Date Announced?

Magical girl Magical Destroyer is an anime series that is being written and directed by Jun Inagawa. He is one of the most famous names in the field of anime, especially in Japan. His works are always admired by both fans and critics alike. His next work is Magical Girl Magical Destroyer which was announced earlier this year in May.

Jun has been working on this project for a very long time now and he will be bringing many different genres like action and musicals, in this fantasy series. So here are all the details that we have as of now about the show.

Magical Girl Magical Destroyer Release Date

The project was officially announced in May and since then the makers have remained quiet about the show. There were no new updates regarding the future of the show up until now when the first visuals of the anime series were released on the official manga website of the show. Still, many important questions remain like who will be the partnering networks of the show.

This gives us an indication that the works of the show are in the final stage of production and we can get all the details about the show anytime soon. So to conclude, we don’t have any official announcement regarding the release date of the show nor do we have any trailers or clips.

But judging by the fact that a new visual of the show was announced we can expect that the trailer of the show, as well as the update about the release date, will be announced soon. So keep following this blog as we will update you with all the latest updates of the show as soon as they come out.

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Magical Girl Magical Destroyer Story

Well, the show is yet to release and we also don’t have anything except a visual poster of the show. So it is very hard to predict the storyline of the show as of now. Also, Jun is trying very hard to keep the storyline of the show a secret as he wishes to surprise the fans with his years of hard work.

But as of the promotional events of the show, we can say that the series will most probably have an otaku boy and an anarchist girl.

But as said earlier, nothing is officially confirmed and we can only guess at the moment.


We don’t have any clips or trailers of the show as of now. The fans will have to wait a little longer for the trailer as the production work is in the final process.

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