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Painter Of The Night Season 3 Release Date: Season Delayed Again!

Painter of the Night is an anime series that has a very unique and different concept that kept the viewers intrigued. Two seasons have been released so far and after the release of season 2, the fans are desperate to know all about season three.

So when is season three releasing? What will be the plot? What are the characters that we are going to see?

We will know about all that in this article.

Painter Of The Night Season 3 Release Date

The first season was released in 2019 and the second one was released in 2020. Since then the fans have been waiting for the release of season 3. The first season had chapters 1 to 44 and season 2 consisted of 32 Chapters. Season 3 now, would begin with Chapter 78.

 According to the information we have from the writers, the third session was expected to release last year in August, but it did not as was expected. A year has passed and there are still no updates about the release of season 3.

The release has obviously been delayed but why we don’t know yet. According to the speculations that are being made, we can expect season three to release in February 2023.

Name of the ShowPainter Of The Night
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreBoys Love
Painter Of The Night Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Painter Of The Night Season 3 Overview

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Painter Of The Night Season 3 Story

The story of this series is about Na-Kyum and Seungho. Na-Kyum is a painter who paints erotic images featuring men. After doing this work for some time, he decides that he will not do this work anymore. That’s when Seungho comes into his life who is an immigrant nobleman. He tries to search for Na-Kyum after seeing one of his paintings but after he meets him, he asserts that he is not the one who painted the painting. He then punishes his assistant for lying to him about the painter. When Na-Kyum faints, Seungho takes him to his place where he takes care of him so that he gets well.

After Na-Kyum regains consciousness, Seungho then asks him if he is really the painter. Na-Kyum then starts crying and accepts that he is not the painter. Seungho who is famous for his insatiable lust, then asks Na-Kyum to stay and be his painter. There was a lot that Na-Kyum had to go through while staying with Seungho.

What season three is going to bring for us, to know that we will have to wait for season three to release

Painter Of The Night Season 3 Characters

Painter Of The Night Season 3 Release Date

At first, we have Yoon Seungho, the eldest son of the Yoon family. Next, we have, Baek Na-kyum who was abandoned as a child and was raised at the house of Kisaeng. He is a very talented painter.

We then have, Lee Jihwa who is a subject of a painting with Seungho. In-hun is a poet whom Seungho finds with the motive of controlling Na-kyum. Yoon Seung-won is known as the younger master who sends Seungho a letter before visiting his older brother in person. Meumyeong is referred to as the “No Name Assassin” in the series. Min is the lord who hears that In-hun has made it through the first round of the civil service examinations and has the complete support of lord Yoon. Heena is Nakyum’s noona from the Kisaeng who gets curious when she hears a painter is staying at Seungho’s residence.

Painter Of The Night Season 3 Trailer

No trailers are available yet for Painter Of The Night Season 3. Since not even the announcement has been made about the exact release date of the series, we cannot say anything about when the trailer is going release. However, as per the speculations that are being made, the trailer will release when the exact release date is announced or it might also release just a few days before the release of the series.

The trailer for season 3 of the series is going to give some glimpses of how the upcoming season is going to look.

Where To Watch Painter Of The Night Online?

There are not many platforms where you can watch this series.

The show is available to be watched on Webtoons. All the episodes of the first season as well as the second season were released on this platform. Whenever season 3 releases, it will also be available for streaming on the same platform just like the other seasons.

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